Friday, January 22

Living Conditions II

The Half A Pop Group living situation suits me very well. It is the front half of the band that I am living with, she is the Sexy Vixen who sings and is in charge of everything - he is the cerebral-looking one with the guitar. They have a 3-year-old child and a recording studio in the house and a top floor flat which is almost self-contained, Felicity is the other lodger with me in the flat, she is a voluptuous woman in big skirts who laughs often and loudly and we share the flat with The Child who sleeps here and comes into the kitchen to stare at me or into my room to show me how to operate the television.

I chose the Pop Flat partly for it’s lack of stuffed toys, overflowing ashtrays and mad people but mainly because of the art, the Vixen’s family are artists and the place is full of brilliant pictures. As a household we all seem to find similar things tragic/funny and our Squalor Tolerance Levels are compatible.

Actually Felicity is hugely messy and when I return from making supper for OCD Lady the Pop Flat kitchen  looks like a war zone but I find this strangely comforting after an evening at the Crazy White House*.

I haven’t done any cooking in the Pop Flat since I arrived, the kitchen cupboards are a repository for the stuff Half A Pop Group couldn’t quite bear to throw out; assorted bowls, novelty egg cups and mismatched items of Tupperware, but no plates or ovenware and only one saucepan. The cutlery drawer contains forks, a large spoon, some gaily coloured plastic feeding spoons and used toothbrushes. When I get in from work all I usually need is a stiff drink, but on Sunday I’m getting a visit from my cousin so I have just gone out and bought a pot to cook in.

*BREAKING NEWS So much to say about Life in the Crazy White House but it was all too repetitively grim to relive on the blog, however I have just tendered my resignation so now I might be able to find the whole thing entertaining – and tell you all about it.


  1. Dear Lulu, I'm so glad you've decided against staying at that darn job. Maybe you could charge all of us 'earwig sandwich' lovers a small fee to read your pearls of wisdom as the quality of writing is priceless. I will be waiting for the next missive and hoping it dishes the dirt in a big way. Happy pop group living.

  2. I have to confess that I had been thinking that Half A Pop Group involved members of Miss Whiplash's ensemble.

    PS: Congrats on escaping OCD Lady!

  3. You can call it your White Album.

    I love crazy jobs. They're like crazy families ... fountainheads of despair and comic material at the same time.

  4. Comic material indeed! Why don't you get together a collection of your blog posts and try submitting them to a publisher?

    I think they'd make a delightful book. I'd buy a copy.


  5. At least you have a pot to piss, er, cook in.

  6. Oh I'm so glad you have abandoned ship. With your talents you could work in so many other better places. The flat arrangement sounds good though - although the mish mash of crockery might irritate me a bit. I'm not very tolerant really.


  7. YEAH! the living situation sounds fun and y'all are out of OCD territory! i'm looking forward to tales from the white house! xoxoxo

  8. I look forward to the obviously ghastly story attached to this miss Lulu, but I am happy you escaped those freaky people. I mean maybe they deserve Gordon Ramsey to cook them scallops and tell them to EFF OFF.

  9. Drama at the white house, can't wait to hear about it. The Pop flat sounds challenging but fun.

  10. I love the phrase 'Squalor Tolerance Level'! Brilliant! Truly that is one of the most important factors when matching people up for living together!

    Can't wait to hear more about the White House. I worked for some folks like that once. Three years later and it's still not funny.

  11. Yay! Great news all round, Lulu! Your new place sounds like fun and I am really very very glad you ditched that job! The White House certainly provided you with entertaining blog material but I imagine it would have actually been a great strain/drain on you and your delightful energies. Go Lulu! Go Lulu!

  12. Looking forward to hearing all about the horrible white kitchen and its mistress. Good luck with the pop group. Art is a good way to pick a roommate if one must pick one.

  13. I could never live in a house where I didn't like that art. Good move I say!

  14. Excellent news that you live in a relatively wholesome and harmonious environment. And maybe you can now employ somebody to do your cooking! Looking forward to The Crazy White House Chronicles.

  15. Good grief. You're living in a sixties counter culture environment. It's no place for a lady.

  16. Waiting with bated breath. And will you cook Pop Tarts for the Pop Flat?

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  18. "...assorted bowls, novelty egg cups and mismatched items...a large spoon...gaily coloured plastic feeding spoons...used toothbrushes.."

    Gee, Cow finds this strangely comforting and now feels much better about her own drawers!

    Living with creative people will energize you and inspire you, and it is a joy to find simpatico people with the "squalor tolerance" (great phrase).

    Cow foresees some synchronicity coming of living there, good luck and good vibes. How great that you have found them.


  19. HI JoeyJoJoJoJoJoJO - There isn't really dirt to dish, in fact lhe lack of dirt is a big part of the problem.

    xl - It has occurred to me that life with Half A Pop Group might be replacing the bit of my life that's missing the Whiplash

    Mr Red-handed - crazy jobs, like crazy families are always best enjoyed from a distance.

    Anonymous - Thank you for the vote of confidence - If there's ever a book I will let you know.

    MJ At least you have a pot to piss, er, cook in.
    pots for all ocassions are essential!

    Ms Fancy - Odd crocks are not high on my scale of irritants right now!

    Sav - I still have a week or two of OCD territory! Not sure if I'll remain coherent enough to write about it.

  20. Ms Assassin - I'd quite like to see Gordon Ramsey deal with the OCD family.

    Eryl - The Pop flat is about to get a little more challenging - possibly, I'm just hoping that it'll be in a good way.

    StefRobrts The 'Squalor Tolerance Level'or STL is an essential measure for sizing up prospective partners.

    I do hope I can find this family funny soon.

    Ms Eyeball - thank you, thank you, I need the cheering on.

    K- Good luck with the pop group. Art is a good way to pick a roommate if one must pick one.
    I looked at it that way too.

    Nursey - Art is a companion indicator to the STL

  21. Gadjo - ooh how lovely is the idea that I could employ somebody to do my cooking!

    Mark Emerson Sanderson It's no place for a lady.
    Who told you I was a Lady?

    Madame DeFarge will you cook Pop Tarts for the Pop Flat?
    I think I should

    Ms Cow - If I've made you feel much better about your drawers I feel my week has been well spent!

  22. Sorry you got to the stage where you had to jump ship but glad you managed it before it sent you doolally.

  23. You didn't make that edible, aromatic, colourful tasty food again did you, you uncouth prole? Tsk!

    I saw this in apartment therapy and thought of you! Clearly she only wanted the 'Ziggy Stardust diet'.

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  25. This sounds exactly the place for you; music, art, and controlled chaos.

  26. I hear ya!
    Hindsight is the correspondent's best friend.

  27. Tendered resignation?! I'm looking forward to the revelations in the next post.
    Areyou going home now? I'm beginning to feel homesick for you.

  28. Lulu! We must meet up soon so I can hear all (if you can bear to relive it, of course). Bisous from Brizzle x

  29. We are looking to buy a bigger house. You can live with us once we have moved. No cat pee, no ash trays, no beer cans. We prefer bottles ;-)

  30. About those toothbrushes ... were they the ones you offered the use of if I'd forgotten mine ? ;-) Looking forward to news on the temporary replacement for Half a Pop Group. Shall bring pots and pans next time instead of useless pieces of wood!! Love cousine..

  31. Kevin - It may be too late to avoid the doolallyity but still good to go!

    Glory - wow - white bedrooms they would look so untidy if I undressed in them!

    bb - it's the chaos controlled and otherwise that needs more control!

    Donnw/2nz - but is Hindsight really 20/20?

    Scarlet - Are you going home now? I'm beginning to feel homesick for you I do feel homesick for me actually

    Deborah - Ok - my darling - I'll come back and spill all in Brizzle if ou can bea to hear it!

    Mrs Mum No cat pee, no ash trays, no beer cans. sounds like paradise - when can I come?

    Ange - the toothbrushes seemed pretty and not entirely used... the temporary replacement for Half a Pop Group is about to get a shock, they've just arrived from LA and our heating has broken!!!!


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