Saturday, January 1


Last week my love gave me a splendid cardigan
But he felt that the splendiferousness of the cardigan merited better buttons - he sliced up a piece of box wood.

It is the best present I have ever received.


  1. Wow, I LOVE those! You can't buy buttons that great. I wish I had some woodworking talents. :) So post a photo of the cardigan WITH the buttons. It's all about me you know. Happy new year!

  2. Aww! What a sweetheart.

  3. What a lovely thinkg too do!

  4. impressive and well done, mr. director! ;~D xoxoxo

  5. An excellent illustration of "popping one's buttons with pride"!

  6. Keep them away from termites and any other wood-eating insects you work with.

  7. That's cool. And I'm with Vegetable Assassin - I'd like to see the jumper.

    The best present I ever received was when my uncle bbought a crocodile gate for the bottom of the stairs for us.

    Have a great 2011, Boonie

  8. Aw... isn't that the sweetest present ever? You're a lucky gal Lulu xxx

  9. Ms Assassin - glad you like them, I tried to photograph the cardi but the colour came out all wrong

    Moreidlethoughts - that just what he is - a sweetheart.

    Dolce - yep

    Savannah - I was sooo impressed

    Louciao - "popping one's buttons with pride"! and he was as he gave them to me

    MJ - I eat wood-eating insects

    Boonie S - I want a crocodile gate for the bottom of my stairs now

    Nursey - it is the sweetest present ever.

    also very special because the box wood was picked up during a walk we did 10 years ago, when he picked up the fallen box branch he said - 'I shall make you something with this one day'

  10. Your love is obviously very good with his hands.

  11. I'll go along with SB's observant.

    I too, got a cardigan - it looked like something for a 10 yr old so it got returned. hubby is smart enough to leave the tags on clothing and hand me the receipt....

  12. "gave me a splendid cardigan"

    I misread that as "cardiogram." Sorry.

  13. I'm not just a little envious, X

  14. Sounds like he knows which buttons to push! : j

  15. aslong as u like them!!! he knows u well

  16. that is pretty damned splendid!

  17. Scarlet, Alesa and Deb - He's a very handy chap, I'll give him that - makes an excellent cup of tea too.

    xl - I did need a cardiogram after the Christmas eating - that was splendid too!

    Eryl - I'm trying to get him to make more and have an Etsy page.

    lani - l o nice 2 c u here, ded rite, he duz no me bludy well

    Kevin - nothing more satisfying than a made thing eh?


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