Sunday, January 16

Through The Rabbit Hole Mirror Thingy

Previous posts might have hinted at the fact that I have got two not-quite-sorted out properties on my hands; The new business premises is busy and needs more desk space to accommodate the assorted Spanish newsreaders and World-of Warcraft players that are drifting through our doors. Meanwhile my home is barren, if I would like to evolve from picnic-style to normal-people-style-eating, I will need things like a dining table and chairs.

There are two vital factors at play here; cash flow and ... cash flow

I am scouring Ebay, Gumtree and any other preloved-items sites to meet our needs.

I need chairs, I type 'dining chairs' into the search engine. The three top items that correspond to my search for my local area appear:

8 year old black and white spade female cat in need of rehoming as she is being constantly attacked by a stray cat which has recently moved into the area. She is completely housetrained, timid... read more


As new, bought in 2010 but never played with. No box. All balconies/entrance intact. Extras include half an asda bag of accessories. More or less full kitchen, hotel reception and odd furniture...

I have no idea what is a meant by 'Happyland Church' or a ' Sylvanian Families etc.' I feel alienated by modern culture (but I do like 'odd furniture') plus I am worried about the spade cat who is getting racial discrimination. I forget that I am looking for chairs.


  1. And why would Sylvian families need a Grand Hotel. And what the hell has that to do with dining chairs.

    The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

  2. happyland church and/or wedding party
    On so many levels...weird.

  3. i had the bad habit of stopping in second shops looking for chairs which is why there are all sorts of collectible chairs in my house that serve a variety of purposes none of which have anything to do with seating! :~D just thought i'd share that with you, sugar, but, good luck! xoxoxo

  4. I was going to offer to lend you my card table, but that might seem like a smart-ass reference to the spade cat.

  5. I like cat fights. Especially if they involve pillows and unmentionables.

  6. I'm not sure what it is but I want a Sylvanian Family Grand Hotel. Badly.

  7. ...and this is how we end up accumulating things we didn't know we needed. Several cats and candlesticks later and I am still looking for a Susie Cooper tea pot...

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  9. Have 5 black bistro chairs… in need of a little, ahem, TLC. Can you come and get them???
    xx Will be in touch when I manage to sit down before 1.37am

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  11. Sorry about that comment...I think it got moved to your office when wasn't looking.

  12. You need to sit down and think this out. O wait ...

  13. I'm sure one of the gentlemen who visit this blog will offer you a seat.

  14. Dolce- it's the churchy thing that got me worried

    Mme idlethoughts On so many levels...weird - exactly!

    Sav - I do have a chair fetish

    xl - I think the spade cat would be happier at your card table

    Wow - that's a 'girls only' place - you just calm down

    Nursey - hmm sounds like you're looking for escape

    Scarlet - I still don't have chairs but I am the proud owner of several tables now

  15. Ange - hold those chairs - coming right over ....

    Louciao - our office is now officially too full for people

    Mr Red - yeah - tried that

    MJ - Oh yes - I'm getting seat offers sure enough!

  16. I keep trying to find a set of used kitchen cupboard in reasonable condition. I'd have thought chairs would yield more relevant results than I've been getting, but apparently not. It really shouldn't be this hard, should it?

  17. Amazing how ads distract one...but I'm finding reading them is good for learning the language people actually use as opposed to the text book stuff...

  18. I have to say, Happyland anything sounds like a place a serial killer would lurk. BE CAREFUL.

    How odd.


  19. I'd love to have the Sylvanian Family thing. Goes nicely with my Barbie and Ken collection.

  20. I’m a bit confused by the search results, even so I still feel sorry for the cat.

    All the best, Boonie

  21. Welcome to you Ms TT - all the wrong things are too hard sweetie xx

    Mme fly - I am addicted to small ads in any language

    Mmme Radish King - Happyland was too much of a lure for me I couldn't resist - I'm afraid I went there! You don't want to know what happened next

    Madame - I have packaged up my own Sylvanian Family thing and sent it on to you - it is looking forward to joining Barbie and Ken.

    Boonie - I went and rescued the cat - plus some others, my house is quite full now

  22. Man, those Sylvanian families have got very sophisticated since my day.

    When I was a girl, they were like Little House on the plastic flock covered animal Prarie. Now they've all got grand hotels and coke habits. Tsk.


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