Thursday, January 6

Groping Around

I’ve never been keen on winter it does horrors for my skin, my fingers are all cracked and sore and my lips are dessicated. At home the heating system is in decline and is currently not really working so I’m spending more time than is healthy at the office which is still sweltering.

Our new office premises aren’t quite resolved yet. The lights I installed in the production office actually seem to make the room darker, by mid-afternoon with all lights apparently on we need to strap on a head torch to find our way to the filing shelves. There is also an ongoing game of musical chairs, desks and computers as we try and work out where we are all going to fit and who’s best to sit next to.

It's quite crowded at the moment, the whole crew is here and we have an additional Spanish translating lady in for a few weeks, one of the many issues to work out is how to get a rigging team to Costa Rica with a set of crossbows without raising security alarms*

*the reason for weapons will be explained in more detail over here


  1. Its when you add maces and pikes that crossbows become an issue. And never go to Central or South America flying a royal Spanish flag while wearing a steel helmet.

  2. Arghh! Winter dessication. I'm slathering the moisturiser on, but still
    my hands cannot thread a needle and sew.

    It's all I can do to hold a wine glass! ;-)

  3. I bought some of those 'energy saving' lightbulbs, they actually make the room DARKER when you switch them on!

    And MY lips are dessimated (Or something like that!) Which is NOT a good look for a SuperStar let me tell you! :¬)


  4. Cracked fingers crossed for the rigging team. Will you get to Costa Rica yourself, or is just the boys?

  5. My hands and fingers get like that. This hand cream helps me.

  6. Have you tried Bag Balm?

    It's not just for cows' udders anymore!

    Oh Hai XL!

  7. On the other side, we're having a heatwave and i can't use any cream because it just slides right off. Hot hellos!

  8. Can you trust your translating lady? I don't mean, will she pinch your husband or cleaner, I mean that for all I know translating crossbows into Castilian rather than Costa Rican might lead to embarrassment.

  9. You’re lucky. The winters here are awful – much too hot and dry.

    All the best, Boonie

  10. i left a suggestion over there, sugar, about the rigging. re your hands/body, i use lubriderm cream, lip balm or just lipstick to keep my lips soft and uncracked! xoxox

  11. Will - we also have maces and pikes but will remember that bit about flying the royal Spanish flag while wearing a steel helmet.

    Idlethoughts - I can't hold a wine glass, gotta put it in a beer tankard!

    Mapstew - I know - they're rubbish aren't they?!

    ... and what did you to dessimate those superstar lips?

    Eryl - no Costa Rica for me but there are 2 girls on this rigging team and another one going out later

    xl - I'll try and get that sent here.

    MJ - Bag Balm? - I'll go down the farm and bag me some

    Dolce- swappsies please

    Inky - our translating lady is leaving us to go and read the news in Spain

    Boonie Swappsies please!

    Sav - thanks for the tip - I am now slathered in lipstick xxx

  12. That Bag Balm looks interesting Lulu. Hope it works for you

  13. I cover myself in Co-co butter and wrap myself in a duvet. This seems to help.

  14. I find it surprising dry over here, now that we're back from Finland. My skin was peachy smooth there, even with the -30C temperatures.

  15. Have been away from you and your blog for far too long. Am currently in a VERY moist state and loving all the posts that I've just caught up with! xxxxxx

  16. Have you tried good old unsexy Vaseline? Well, I guess it could be sexy...depending on how one uses it.

    Are head torches becoming the latest fashion statement? I saw that Mme. and M. DeFarge were sporting some recently. Maybe it's a British trend that hasn't reached the colonies as yet. Will keep my eyes open for some (very wide open, in this damnably dim glow of the energy-saver lightbulbs).

  17. Someone once told me that adding aloe to drinks helps with overall hydration.

    Could well have been a load of bollocks, but he was Spanish and V-E-R-Y hot, so...

    I tend to bathe in moisturiser and hybernate until Spring.

    Not sure thatll work for you though.

    - B x

  18. But winter is awesome. I repeat (you repeat, I mean it): winter is *awesome*.

    Your friend,
    An Angry Canadian

  19. Nursemyra - have ordered 10 bags of
    Bag Balm - come over will share.

    Scarlet - wanna share the Bag Balm with me and Nursey?

    Madame DeF - I am beginning to think that you might not be quite normal.

    JoeyJoJo - I'm currently too jealous of your beautiful surroundings to speak to you.

    Louciao -Vaseline certainly has it's uses.

    The DeFarge's are trendsetters - keep an eye on them.

    Mme Barreness - bathing in moisturiser and hybernating until Spring must be the only way to go.

    Mr Red - or 'Dear Angry Canadian"

    That may be so in Canada, Britishers are in denial about winter and do it reallt badly.


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