Sunday, January 30

Be Careful What You Wish For

Within mere days of my last post I became awash with chairage; I snapped up a perfectly decent set of 4 dining chairs to tide me over ... then I walked past a charity shop and saw another set of 4, quite different to the first set, but strangely interesting, so I bought them. All 8 chairs needed new seat covers and this has been my weekend project.

Yesterday I won an ebay auction for some chairs that I loved but thought I couldn't afford, another set of 4 and quite different from any of the others, but I really, really like them. I have just driven for two hours to go and collect them, the man selling them mentioned that he has another 24 just like them ... next week I will open my chair shop.

Meanwhile the production office has been overwhelmed; the Costa Rica cable-riggers didn't manage to get the cable-rigged before they had to go and work elsewhere, another crew had to be scrambled to go out to Costa Rica and finish the job so it is all set up ready for the actual filming to start in a month's time.

We have a new Hot Girl in the office (Miss Whiplash already presides over two less new Hot Girls). The Hot Girls sort out the emergencies and organise all the trips.

The newest Hot Girl prepared a care package for the latest Costa Rican Cable Rigging Cowboys it contains:


and a Tic Lasso


  1. I had no idea there were Tick Vaqueros!

  2. With all those chairs, it's party time and some rousing games of Musical Chairs.

    Regarding lassoing ticks, it's a practiced skill best not left to amateurs. The yearly tick round-up has always been a major attraction in Texas.

  3. I could have done with a tick lasso at my last home!

    Chairfest. Yay!

  4. Hot Girl and the Tic Lasso ... I saw that movie once.

  5. The tic lasso will come in very handy at the monta de tics....

  6. Tic lassos come in handy when purchasing second-hand goods.

  7. I'm feeling in need of a care package and I also need to sit down... so this is the perfect place for me.

  8. A tic lasso sounds very exciting. I am thinking tic riding. Like in bull riding. Wow.

  9. Sounds like you're in the process of converting your home into one large sitting room. Maybe you can rent it out for meetings and questionable church services while you're at the office.

    I wonder if the tick lasso is also used to round up fleas for those famous circuses. Who knew!

  10. Imagine the fun with musical chairs!

  11. I just watched a video of the tick lasso at work....

  12. We never have hot girls work at our office. Bummer.

  13. If you need a chairman, I’m your man.
    Thanks for another fun post.

    All the best, Boonie

  14. xl - but did you know about spider fluffing before you arrived at this blog? - here we deliver edukashun!

    Bill - Musical Chairs, that is how we are spending our days now!

    Idlethoughts - Where did you live? come and join the Chairfest - we're making it a national holiday over here.

    Mr Red - Hot Girl and the Tic Lasso - We're doing the remake!

    Mme Fly - we've tried everything else, how do you deal with them?

  15. MJ - I knew you have small feet, but hey!

    Ms Scarlet - giving away free chairs with each lasso and a cup of tea

    Met Mum - I knew you'd turn it into an adventure

    Louciao - my home is now a Happyland Church that shows porn movies on Sundays

    Dolce - no imagining, we're doing it - beats balancing books any day!

    Nursemyra - eeuw - tics!

    Welcome Trooper Thorn - you poor poor man - I will send you some of ours

    Boonie S - funny we do need a chairman, the chairwoman is tired of the job.

  16. When Queenwilly, The King and I holidayed in the French countryside we got lots of ticks. The King became quite an expert at removing them. But when I got one on my labia that was a job for The Queen. Next time I visit France I'm buying one of those lassos!

  17. Nursey, not brave enough to use the lighter technique - shame on you!


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