Friday, February 4

Naughty Foxes

Having poured my efforts into sorting out the new offices, my home got totally neglected. Over Christmas I managed to attend to the insides of home, but its outsides are now a bit of a wasteland.

I didn't think this mattered much, I thought the plants would welcome a break from my pruning and grooming.

Wildlife has always passed through our garden; someone has been leaving it's fur-filled marker poo by the bins and I've often disturbed a mangey old fox who likes to sleep his hangover off in the daffodil patch, he clearly brings his chums over for mad parties now and again, they leave trails of licked-out-chicken-fried-box debris in their wake but now things have escalated:

This afternoon I came home early, put some coffee on and went out to see if spring was starting, instead of lovely crocuses I saw burnt out fireworks stuck in the flowerbed and our back gate is broken.

Have foxes developed opposable thumbs or do I now have a pest problem?


  1. Well, if you can catch the culprit I can suggest where you could put a Roman Candle!

  2. I love foxes. on frosty mornings.

  3. Is it politically correct to call them foxes?

  4. This will be a tough one to rectify. How will you ever outfox them?

  5. Sounds like you may be developing the worse type of pest problem, but I'm pretty sure that a vixen like you can work it out.

    I sometimes feel that I missed my true vocation; I should have been a writer on Blind Date.

  6. I'd love to have a pet fox with opposable thumbs

  7. Oh dear. Maybe foxes are from another planet and the firework butts that you saw were actually the rocket launchers of their spaceship.

  8. Tell the Daily Mail and they will definitely make it a high profile story. They now hate foxes more than gay people, women and 'foreigners' combined.

  9. I’d encourage the foxes and see how things develop. Sounds like your gate needs vix-en though…..

    Take care, Boonie

  10. They'll be wearing baseball caps and low slung trousers next. A slippery slope.

  11. Mme MIT - I have my Roman Candle at the ready!

    Dolce - I love foxes too but they are a bit messy

    Bill - I believe so

    Wow - One can't ever outfox a fox

    xl - and I have green eggs and ham for supper too!

    Scarlet - with your powers I'm hoping you can come over and put a spell on them.

    Nursey - you'd find ours rather loutish I'm afraid

    Gadjo - I do have many visitors from outer space as it happens. It is so lovely to see you sweetie xxx

    Glory - the Daily Mail have been camped outside all day - did you tip them off?

    Boonie - ouch!

    Madame DeF- Tuh! Today's youth eh?

  12. Fox poo would go well with the rabbit poo and squirrel poo in my yard.

  13. From the title of this posting, I thought we were about to get some juicy information about the hot girls at the office, or a review of the latest Sunday porn flick being shown at your own Happyland Church. Interesting and thought-provoking, nevertheless, with the added benefit of not making my palms sweaty.

  14. Call the camera crew back from Costa Rica, they will be able to find out.

  15. You're sure your flowers didn't just explode?

  16. I see that you're still pretending not to notice the bones in the garden ... well, perhaps their just chicken bones ... a tall, human-shaped chicken.

  17. Miss Lulu: Read XL's comment on my "Pink Party" blog post before you accept his Valentine proposal!

  18. Eryl - we've set camera traps around the garden - our next production!

    tatty t - Great idea - I have installed exploding flowers to surprise the next guests

    Red - Giant Chickens - save me!

    xl - is this an exclusive offer?

    MJ - do we consider xl to be a bit of a tart?


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