Thursday, December 11

Breathing holes

The Brain Doctor handed me a heavy catalogue and asked me to order new covers for the treatment tables.

I found some thick bouncy blue covers and called the number on the book.

the woman at the end of the phone said:

treatment table covers? with a breathing hole or without?


we stock pearl beige terry towelling

I'd like the blue spongy ones

we don't do those

she hung up

I noticed that the catalogue cover was dated 2005


  1. I'm worried about the ones without the breathing holes. For quickie treatments?

  2. 2005? just how old are those covers, sweet pea??? ;)

    (come see the cakes i made!!) xoxoxoxo

    1. It was my remarks on the subject that precipitated the whole palava.
      *now going on a cake voyage*


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