Sunday, December 7


My neighbourhood is a bit right-on; awash with unwashed, scruffy-haired, Guardian-reading types. The few eating places that are not vegetarian use meat scantily - more as a sort of seasoning, because those of us who do like a bit of bacon feel guilty about the effect that scoffing huge quantities of dead animal has on the planet  (the animal doesn't do too well out of it either apparently).

I'd heard that a new restaurant called 'Meat' was going to be opening, with a name like that I assumed they'd be hefting whole ox carcasses on the table, the diners would crowd round and chew directly on the raw flesh - I've just looked at a press release from this company and it turns out that it will be just another chicken wing and burger joint.


  1. Replies
    1. I'll swear that's my nan with the chainsaw

  2. From the sign it looks like they also have vice on offer, or maybe they are commenting on the meat being a vice. You certainly live in a colorful neighborhood. I hope all's well.

    1. the old shop was called 'Discount Heating Services'

  3. Presumably they went off to open a new business that is an anagram of "Discount Heating Ser s"? Have fun in Scotland. You probably didn't know that I have the same birthday as Robert Burns but it is actually true. Not in the same year though. Waving at you.


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