Monday, June 15

Refreshment Events

Last week I took tea with Bird Lady, we looked at her carpet moths and then we walked on the path encircling her garden. She tests how good her legs are by doing ten laps of the garden which is the exact same distance as from her house to the shop, that way she knows if she's OK to go out for buns.

Today I met my new New Best Friend for coffee - a sculptor - her current work in progress is a large heart, knitted in sections while travelling on public transport or when taking coffee with friends

She produced a right ventricle while I ate a piece of parkin


  1. you have the best sort of friends, sweetpea! xoxoxox

    1. I really really do!!! xxxxxxxxoooo

  2. "...while I ate a piece of parkin..." Hard to top that.

  3. I misread that as "parka." Sorry.


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