Friday, July 17

Sewing with Ivor and Phyllis

I came home late after a movie last night. Feeling a need to do sewing - I looked for a radio show to stitch along with and found an Ivor Cutler series  - so entranced by his sweet weirdness, I gobbled up 3 episodes and made this skirt. 

here's a taste of Ivor:

My niece and nephew have arrived for the weekend, the four-year-old insisted on showing me all her jewels before coming into the house while the eight-year-old went to inspect the house, apparently it mostly meets with his approval except that my bedroom 'could do with a tidy-up'


  1. Nice skirt ... and done so quickly! I admire sewing skills. What sewing machine do you use?

    PS: I'm guessing from his observation that this is the "Well, pants" nephew.

    1. I have a tiny electric Singer that used to belong to my grandmother. Yes it is the 'pants' nephew and his cookie-making sister


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