Thursday, July 30

Tattoo Man has left

his home above the Brain Surgery, he's packed his drill and his vests and he's taken the internet with him.

The Brain Doctor, doesn't understand how the internet works and it was a while before I could make him understand that shouting at his computer wouldn't make the emails appear. He  has barely spoken to me since I told him that I would be also be leaving so I find myself missing the sound of boots crashing up and down the stairs and the sight of a too-naked male body bursting into the surgery.

Last night Rabbit took me out for a Last Supper


  1. The doctor has my sympathy. I used to work in IT and also shout when the Internet went down!

    1. Does it work better than turning it off then turning it on again?

  2. The brain doctor sounds like he's had a rotten week... can he self prescribe?

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