Wednesday, September 9

On Monday a friend came to visit

she opened my front door and it fell off it's rotten hinges, we had to shunt the door back into the door hole and make it balance convincingly until a repairman arrived.

On Tuesday I arrived at the home of a continental organist to look after a beautiful spotted cat for a few days.

The downstairs of this house contains TWO full-size out-of-a-church-pipes-long-pedals-and-everything organs and a piano. The fridge contains one hundred different bottles of chilli sauce.

I locked myself in this morning and had to rescue myself by climbing out of the downstairs window and engaging the help of a neighbour.


  1. A spotted cat, two organs, a piano, and 150 bottles of chili sauce sounds like a spiffy place to me!

  2. i think you need to come to the plantation, love! xoxoxox

    1. I do, I definitely do need to come to the Plantation xxxx


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