Tuesday, November 3

Going back to school

has sent my my menopausal body barometer into orbit. I have to dress in a way that I can be almost undressed really quickly at any time - even jewelry burns me when I'm blazing

Currently I am staying with my mother-in-law she watched me fanning and sweating and said

I've got some left over HRT patches from when I was a girl would you like to use them?

I said yes please and stuck one on last night

today I am almost a normal person


  1. Oh dear. I'm taking medicine with a similar out-of-whack temperature regulation side effect. I find that loose-fitting clothes of quick-drying fabric help. And a fan. Best wishes.

    1. I have an elegant ostrich feather fan - I sweat in style LX

  2. Sometimes when I don't know what to say, I just say waffles. Waffles.

  3. IT IS SO MUCH EFFING FUN! and I am finished broke through to the other side where now I shiver with cold even in summer but the bloody awful is gone the screaming night sweats are gone and it is JOYFUL. I found that taking an illegal lover and having a mental illness that sometimes involves hypersexuality really helped.

    Rebecca More Of A Ho Than A Crone

    1. I can only pray that I come out of this with as much grace as you - love from Lulu the Scaley and Extremely Crone-like xxx


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