Thursday, November 19

I have been talking to a vet

about animal nutrition, specifically elderly cats with kidney problems and he said

You'll often notice that a black cat with kidney problems has brown fur around her sides and shoulders, that's where she's grooming herself most

Soft Molly is an old black cat with kidney problems, she has gone a bit brown around her sides and shoulders

That's the effect of the ureic acid in her mouth coating her fur and then the acid reacts with sunlight

I said that I had noticed that cats rarely ate anything that looks like actual food these days

That's partly convenience but mainly it's due to a conspiracy between vets and pet food companies


  1. Our 2 black cats, even as kittens, had a deep brown sheen.They have a very "mixed" gene line. And they have raw chicken necks or wings in their daily diet. Big Pharma, one way or another, wants our pennies!

    1. that is true - but for balance the vet did point out that before proprietary cat food vets used to see a lot of problems related to unbalanced diets

  2. Poor Molly. That is heartbreaking.


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