Saturday, November 21

This week I'm in Haggerston

where the porridge is fancy and the cat is disguised as a giant growling puffball with ears

It's not just porridge that's fancy around these parts, the cake is fancississimo, I have just bought and eaten a big slice of cherrycustardcrumblecreamtart

The weather has suddenly become freezing. I came to London with only two jumpers and a rubber mac that is now torn in so many places that I can't make out which are the armholes so I have been raiding the charity shops bringing home more jumpers, a wool scarf and an excellent box-pleated navy wool skirt who's only problem is that it has flappy woolly wings attached to the thigh area (in case the wearer wanted to appear fatter) but these can be cut off.

This weekend I am preparing for a week ahead that will be mainly full of Pierre Bourdieu


  1. MMMM! Fancy porridge and cake! The last fancy thing I had was this.

  2. I always thought M. Bourdieu had a James Bond-ish look

  3. Hi Dear -
    Just catching up here. Enjoying the news about your school and work doings. Is "cat surfing" a known employment category or are you inventing it. I see a book in this down the road. Take care.

    1. CAT SURFING - I love this- 'I am a cat surfer' what an ice breaker for ll those parties I attend xxx


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