Wednesday, August 24

I stayed with Mrs Madrigal's daughter

last night in Barcelona*.

She let me into the house,  showed me the bed I could sleep in - which was on this veranda. We exchanged stories and then she disappeared. I'd spotted the kitchen but after she'd gone I needed the bathroom which I knew was behind one of the closed doors along the corridor - the first doors I tried opened onto other bedrooms where young women were reading or doing their hair - we smiled and said perdon/de nada at each other before I closed their door and tried the next one.

I particularly liked these family photographs on a shelf in the living room

*I'm guessing it must be Mrs Madrigal's daughter because I felt as though I'd turned up in an Armistead Maupin tale


  1. "perdon/de nada"

    See, that Spanish paying of already!

    1. I know - 'cerveza' has also come in useful!

  2. Sounds deliciously novel.Who wouldn't like to be in a Maupin story!

  3. I will need subtitles for this current Lulu adventure!

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  5. LOL I am so late to this, but I thought of "Tales of the City" as soon as I read Mrs. Madrigal! xoxoxox


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