Thursday, August 4

we're plagued with flies

massive bluebottles suddenly appear and buzz crazily around the room bashing into windows and light fittings

tonight I watched one drive himself into a tiny spiders web, the tiny spider was hiding behind a book licking his lips as the fly (which was 10 times bigger than him)  tangled around in the web 

finally the fly buzzed itself free and continued it's noisy flight around the room but this time draped in cobweb like a great big ghost fly


  1. Yikes! Isn't that one of the Plagues of Egypt?

  2. Flues are just a summer nuisance.They'll be gone by Tuesday.Taking summer with them, the buggers!

  3. Replies
    1. flues are also a nuisance Di ... and fleas

  4. Stuff comes down the flue.
    I dislike webbed flies... it's like they are making a comment of my standard of housekeeping.


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