Saturday, September 26

Hot Turkey

The first part of this trip has been in Dalyan, a small Turkish holiday town. We stayed in one of the messy jumble of small pensions hugging the curve of a fat river, the tourism here is low-rise - not chic but there are no chain outlets here either. The bulk of the foreign tourists have gone and the holiday-makers are mostly Turkish now.

The popular thing to do is hop on one of the boats going to the coast, whole families come along on these trips, the men take my husband aside and try and teach him something about fishing while the women get out their purses and, through sheer force of will, make me understand their family history illustrated with the bundles of photographs they always have with them. A ten-year-old from Istanbul with frighteningly good English helped with some translation and, hearing that I had not eaten well the night before, has drawn me up a list of what I must eat and the places I must visit when I get to her city. The image here is one side of several pages of instructions, you might need to click on it if you want to read it.

The Director has now gone to America to attend another film festival and I’m going to go and look at some other bits of Turkey on my own. Lone travelling always gets a bit more extreme and I’ve had some awful times doing it as well as some really good ones, if I can get a connection I’ll tell you about it...


  1. I love Turkish food, and am blessed with access to a couple of nice ones locally.

    That is a very attractive list!

  2. Lulu - You are the single most exotic creature in my acquaintance. From foam parties with the Portuguese to boating with the Turks inside of a month? I have to go lay down. I was interested in your comment on my blog that you couldn't see Morrissey on Youtube. Banned in the east, perhaps? Looking forward to hearing more. Be careful out there.

  3. *sigh* i am so jealous, sugar! enjoy y'all's trip! xoxoxo

  4. I think mixing with the locals like that is the best possible holiday experience. Hope you get to sample the Ottoman and regional food as well.

    Have a wonderful time.

    Oh Hai Savannah!

  5. The idea of travelling in a country alone, not knowing the language is both scary and thrilling. Fingers crossed for that connection.

  6. Blimey, everyone I seem to talk to these days is Turkey-fied. There is my blog pal ayak, another friend who want to live there, my Paris-based cousin who wants to move there and now little old you is there, strolling the bazaars, flirting with the handsome men, buying nick nacks and eating tasty food.

    I love lone travel but like you have had a few 'experiences' best not to repeat.

  7. Kevin - I'm working my way through the list - and gettig quite fat!

    K - and I haven't even told you about the mud bath yet - will email a pic

    Eryl and Savannah - thanks for good luck charms

    xl - will be sampling all varieties of food knowing that I am doing it on your behalf.

    Frenchie - you're right we're coming over here in our hoards - I think Turkey must be the new black.

  8. That sounds so adventurous!

    See if you can try some Raki (pronounced raku) somewhere!

  9. Good for you. Roving around alone always makes for a worthwhile trip.

  10. I want to hear about a Turkish bath session! I tried it in Morocco and it wasn't quite the 'relaxing' experience I had expected!! Good luck and make sure what ever delicious food you eat is well cooked!!

  11. Turkish mud wrestling? I need a pix!

  12. Good luck, Lulu - I was also a keen lone traveller, but do be careful.

  13. Hey Lulu -

    I took a leap into the 21st century (and a little deeper into debt) to get a big ol' flat screen TV last week. (I asked the kids, "how do you spell love". My daughter said, "L-O-V-E" clever girl that she is. I corrected her: "HD"!)
    Anyway, we just popped Smalltalk into the DVD player and are enjoying it again. Shackleton is yelling at the US to be quiet because we are at an especially funny part. He wants to take it to school for show & tell. It amazes me how much of the dialog he remembers... Thanks again.

  14. Welcome to you Borah - I haveindeed fallen for the charms of Raki.

    Emerson - as long as it's not on the football pitch eh?

    Ange and xl - I think I'll have to post that pic

    Gadjo - thanks for your concern, I am trying to take care.

    Hey K - A new telly and HD WOW!!!!
    I don't think anyone has had as much value out of the programmes as you.

  15. I'll have the stuffed meatballs please


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