Friday, September 11

Spanish Antics

We accomplished our mission to find out what the Argentine ants are up to in Spain by virtue of running a camera continuously while Whiplash and I bombarded the Spanish ant scientist with questions. It was a bit like when they send children out to interview celebrities. Among other things we established that;

a) The Argentine ants in Spain are indeed part of a global supercolony*

b) Human activity makes exactly the right conditions for invasive species

c) The ant scientist's favourite colour is yellow and he often has a croissant for breakfast

Our work done, Whiplash and I retired to Cadaqués, a ridiculously picturesque seaside town close to the French border. Salvador Dali made his home there, and it is impossible to turn a corner without seeing his famously mustachioed face. We visited Dali’s very theatrical house which is stuffed with all sorts of things; bottoms, bosoms, mirrors, taxidermied swans, the odd bear and a boss-eyed owl.

I had completely misunderstood the importance of the holy toast (see last post). Too late I realised that, rather than eat it, I should have hung it medallion-like around my neck to ward off the series of temptations placed in my path by Whiplash. I shall not go into detail (I have many episodes on film and plan to start up a sideline business). Hauling the bottles up the hill to the apartment was great for our lungs and biceps but the positive effects might be outweighed by the fact that I’ve started smoking again. I’ve also come home with ‘prickly heat’ – at least I think that’s what the rash is, either that or I’ve picked up something from the daily foam party.

Pop-tastic video courtesy of Whiplash on her mobile phone

*most species of ants make a nest that works like a self-contained state, when they meet ants from another nest, whether of their own species or different one they behave aggressively and often kill each other. Ants of the same species that have formed multiple nests and act in a friendly way towards each other become a supercolony - a sort of federation, they will all be related to each other. Usually a supercolony extends over a few metres or even kilometres of land area, the Argentine Ants have formed a supercolony that extends across continents


  1. Smoking? "Foam Parties"? Dali's bottoms? I am worried about you Lulu. I liked that bit about the boss-eyed owl, though. I'm not quite sure what it means, but I like it.
    Take care of that rash.

  2. oh yeah, in my excitment i forgot to really comment - love the video, can't wait for more AND, the nephews absolutely adored the (as they call it) talking bug movie! xoxoxo

  3. hey, didn't anyone tell what bad form it is to be a tease?

    am all in a dither waiting for a listing of "The Temptations of Whiplash"...

  4. Wishing Miss Lulu a prompt and complete recovery from the rash and smoking.

    Wishing Miss Whiplash a prompt and complete recovery from her life of crime and mischief.

  5. But did you smoke Ducados? I used to love those, and their added advantage was that nobody else did, ensuring that they wouldn't get cadged before you'd smoked them. And is that you with the hat and the lovely auburn hair in a plait??

  6. How do we know this ant expert is not Darth Vader to their Storm Troopers.

  7. Sav - great to hear the bug movie is a hi with American boys

    K - thanks, I am still jolly itchy

    Deb - Not sure if my movies would go on Etsy - or Amazon

    xl - managed to resist the fags since I've been back (and the rent boys) but if W stopped life would be duller

    Gadj - not tried a Ducado, I did have a sobrani affectation while at school though. Yes that's my plait

    Glory - we did ask him and he said not (while breathing heavily).

  8. I fear this descent into temptation. I suspect that the prickly heat is the body's reaction to the grievous moral damage suffered by the exposure to foam parties. Love the hat.

  9. Went for a walk the other evening with a few other folk, and we became covered in flying ants. But only the men. What was that about? Are flying ants female? Or selective about pheromones? Don't like scent? I was wearing a pink shirt...

  10. My first visit here and obviously I'm missing a lot of backstory. :) How can I have never in my life heard of a foam party??

  11. You and Miss Whiplash are becoming the Bash Street Kids of entemology. (-:

  12. Foam parties are dangerous Lulu, watch out (foam contains boys).

    If that's your plait then it must be your jawline too (well, not exactly, I seem to have muddled my pronouns, but you know what I mean). Hmm, I had a jawline once, I think hickory-shafted golf clubs were involved [totters off dribbling senilely]. I wonder where I put those teeth...

  13. YTou two and a foam beach party - that's one heck 0f an image for your admirers on here (I am a straight female btw)

    Did you ever see that episode of Gavin & Stacey with the foam party? I'd never heard of this phenomenon before then.

    I sometimes think about resuming my 20 marlborough a day habit. It's been 9 years now though and it seems a shame (but easier to stay slim)

  14. And what a great sounding town you were staying in. If it was good enough for one of the world's eccentrics it must be pretty fantastic for people like me

  15. Mme D - Glad you like hat, it's made of paper!

    Brother T - that's a nuptial flight when the new ants all go off and try to establish a new colony, it only happens once a year so you were jolly lucky but taking a risk, don't you know that a pink shirt makes a man irresistible?

    Welcome Wendy - It's not a complicated back story, I bring news of exotic delights such as foam parties Prayer Ladies.

  16. Kev - Bash St Kids! hmm, we were going for the Thelma and Louise look, better sunglasses!

    Inky - Foam parties are to be avoided at all costs - many many hazards.

    Have you found your teeth yet?

    Frenchie - I didn't see that episode.
    You would love Cadaqués, a very stylish town full of gorgeous-looking people, and loads of good restaurants. Probably a nightmare in high season though.

  17. I think there is a Supercolony of smokers too as I am gulty as well. Those damn continentals are having a bad effect on me.
    Looks like a great that foam party.

  18. I admire your restraint for not storming the foam party, the place where drunks go to choke to death.

  19. Cool hat! ah, to smoke exotic cigarettes while watching people frolic in the foam. What an exotic life you lead, me dear. Wanna trade?

  20. There is nothing Cow luuuves better than ridiculously picturesque seaside towns.

    Could life offer anything better?

    Cow prefers foam on her coffees, though. And rashes in their designated places (upon the bums of one's enemies, naturally)

    Mooing quick recovery wishes!

  21. Loved the foam party vid. And, hanging out at Dali's place, boobs and bottoms notwithstanding, I'd like that. Just recently watched a documentary on him and his later work, and much of the film took place in that domicile.

  22. Joeyjojojo - is it to do with 'being abroad' and we think no one can see us?

    Emerson - no restraint, once we'd got that little film in the can we totally stormed the party

    Pru - I haven't got the boobs for your barn, but do come over and help us start a foam party company.

    Mr W - He did seem to be very prolific there.

    BB - you bet!

  23. How are the ants - never thought I'd be posting that again. Is the man still in Africa? How is Miss W's life of crime? Are you back in Bristol?

    All these questions - come on then, tell me.

  24. Yep - we're back to the ants Frenchie, very tiny ones but I sense that Argentine Ants are happy ants.

    The man has just arrived back from Africa and has agreed to spend some days away with me, which is nice as we have only seen each other for a few hours this year.

    Miss W is causing havoc in Portugal. I have come back to Bristol - but not for long...

    Anything else?

  25. my house is full of bottoms and bosoms. all its missing is a taxidermied swan


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