Thursday, September 17

Staff Dispersal

Whiplash left me in Spain, flying off to Portugal to shake her tambourine with her band. Our youngest Camera Boy went to Germany to attend a film festival where one of our films was in the competition. It’s one of a series of short insect films made for children called Smalltalk Diaries, the insects are all voiced in different British accents, he sent an email to let us know that we’d got a prize and I’m wondering if we’ll ever see him again:

hey all! just a quick email to say smalltalk has won the childrens audience award here at greenscreen - congratulations!! pictures to follow......

i've made friends with lots of german film makers, volunteers and the film watching public- yesterday I had some authentic kartoffel suppe at deutsche couple's house. the screening of smalltalk was pretty interesting because there was a live narration by a husky german man, who did put lots of effort into doing different voices for the characters. i have met some guys who are sailing to kiel this evening from eckernforde so I am joining them and have taken the necessary precautions to waterproof and protect the trophy (made from eckernforde sand).


here's a bit of the winning programme

The African filming trip returned while I was away, I've heard it was a roaring success but the participants are too exhausted to talk about it (sorry about lack of updates on the Field Notes site, I think when enough sleep has been had there will be news). Cake Boy is now trudging through heaps of digital footage that needs lots of processing, he will be alone in the office for a while because I’m taking The Director to Turkey today.


  1. Hahaha. You lost your camera boy to the krauts? And what is Deutsche couples house? I suspect a rather creative approach to translating Beziehung (= relations) with couples. And Eckernfordish sand trophy? That all sounds like the back of a postcard sent from a school trip to the shores of the Northern Sea. I love it.

  2. Congrats on the award and prize. It's fascinating to see behind the scenes of both the hard work and just recognition it receives.

    Have fun in Turkey.

  3. Hmmm, I've seen a few German films in my time with very odd soundtracks. I hope the camera boy protects his trophy or he may end up being the star of the show.

  4. Ha!
    You can Kiss that award goodbye..met some guys who are sailing to kiel...
    ...eckenforde sand indeed?!

    I enjoyed the Spaniards...who made up that term pirates?..arrr ya Spaniarrrrds....
    spraying tonnes of the environmentally sensitive Beach party toxic foam into the sea, and oh yeah those little Spaniarrrrds!

    I'm sure it's nothing..just some leftover chemicals that Monsanto threw together to sell off in the developing world.

    Dali must have had a cool pad? Did he live on magic mushrooms or maybe he swallowed too much of that fun-foam they sprayed around his house?
    He painted like he was on LSD ...and that hadn't even been invented yet?

  5. Congrats on the award. Does it come with a bit of money or only a pat on the back?

  6. Mrs Mum - you know a fair bit about that part of the world don't you? Should I be concerned for our young lad?

    xl - thank you, we will

    Scarlet - I know those movies!

    Donn - Spain is made for you, I can see you striding along the beaches eyepatch over one ear, parrot on your head, fighting to get a word in edgeways.

    BB - not actual money but lots of back-patting and they fed, entertained and accommodated our Boy during the festivities.

  7. That's hilarious! Can't wait to show it to hubbie who gives all animals a soundtrack with various foreign accents (the cat is French, the birds I care for are German...etc. etc.) -kate

  8. a common saga in the film biz ... offer prizes, disperse the talent, some get stolen away by the competition while others scurry to and from new projects that are bigger and better. Meanwhile the public never knows the complexities of making a film. Oh, yes, stars are born, egos inflate,money becomes big and everyone's an expert.

  9. Having watched the SmallTalk Diaries twice (thanks for the DVD!), I can say it is truly deserving of awards and accolades.

    I laughed all the way through it AND learned a lot!

  10. Rodney, Greg and Bronwyn rock! I had no idea films about insects could be so good. Well done on the award - hope it comes back from sea.

  11. Yippee, well done and have fun. xxx

  12. He doesn't have much time for capital letters that boy of yours, does he; and "authentic kartoffel suppe" is surely just boiled spuds but without throwing the water away... but stick a foreign name on it and it's Exotic. Nice beetles though.

  13. Fabulous about the win, I am most delighted for your peoples! However, I do not appreciate your mentioning CAKE when I am currently having cake withdrawal symptoms. Sob.

    Sigh. I wish I was in Spain.

  14. Lol, that little clip was great! Just the kind of thing I love to watch with a big bowl of popcorn and a bigger bowl of weed. Congrats on the award!

  15. Did I mention that _Smalltalk_ also won the "Shackleton's Bedroom Viewer's Choice Award" thus year? I remember one summer evening when seven children were vying for space on Shack's twin bed for a chance to see the film.

    Unfortunately, there is no statuette or check attached to this award but I thought you would like to know that Smalltalk won it.

  16. Yes, Lulu, yes, concern is appropriate in this case. I am afraid he will have a schnaps or two too much, fall for a girl with salt-bleached blond hair and huge front teeth, whilst a Steiffe Brise spreads the trophy in all its glory into the wind.

  17. You have quite the global operation going on there. Nice work and congrats on the award. Will they send you a leg lamp? If that makes no sense, please watch A Christmas Story this holiday season.

  18. omg Lulu!
    that is absolutely FANTASTICO!
    i love their little eyes
    and their voices!

    and my kids loved it too!

  19. Congrats all round. I loved the DVD and it's great that it's being recognised. Enjoy Turkey and look forward to hearing all about it.

  20. Congrats on the award, and a lovely choice of clip!

  21. Thank you every body for all those lovely comments and great you've enjoyed the clip

    kate - that's how this started with us mucking around giving footage comedy voices

    savannah ta babe!

    Bill - we are hoping that our Boy wont get stolen but they may well have pumped up his ego a bit.

  22. MJ truly deserving of awards and accolades.

    Actually I read that first time as chocolates I think I must want chocolates more than accolades

    French Fancy - Rodney, Greg and Bronwyn should get their own series shouldn't they?

    JoeyJoJo - have fun? - OK!

    Gadjo Dilo - refusal to capitulate is a common sin of the young. I love that potatoes in water becomes exotic when eaten in another land.

    Mrs Assassin - sorry about agitating the cake cold turkey issue, have chocolate instead.

    Prunella - the whole series was made on popcorn and weed.

  23. KSV Woolfoot - we are more thriled about the "Shackleton's Bedroom Viewer's Choice Award" than all the others put together

    Glory - does that mean 'pair of idiots' in Welsh?

    Mrs Mum - I would so love to see our Boy when faced with a girl with salt-bleached blond hair and huge front teeth.

    Wow, I now really want a leg lamp.

    Ms P - Great that it tickled you

    Madame DeFarge - am enjoying Turkey a lot, will probably post about it as I have discovered that they do have the interweb here.

    Kevin - Thank you

  24. The film is fab, more awards to come I should think. I love Turkey: kebabs and syrup soaked pastries, not to mention sun.

  25. Great video clip..stagbeetles rock!

    It's true..."The Creator, if He exists, has an inordinate fondness for beetles."

  26. That clip is hilarious!! Love the Welsh beetles. Also love the idea of the German live narration, that must have been great. Big congrats on the award and bon voyage!

  27. The Stag Beetles fighting is Cow's favorite part.

    Guessing the guy is gone for good. Maybe you can lure him back with cake though.

    Agree the live German narration must have been wonderful (was it accompanied on piano with beer steins clinking, perhaps?)


  28. No matter how hard I try, I can't get those French beetles to talk to me.. Is it my bad French? Could you make it over one day to translate please? Am working on my Tarte Tatin façon Ange to entice you...

  29. Eryl - let's hope so on the awards front. Turkey's great, lots of sun and sea

    Donn - I'm too slow to work out your latest pen name but agree with you on the God/Beetle thing

    Mrs Cow - Apparently Boy has turned up back in the office - Cake Boy had instructions to keep cake at the ready to lure hm back.

    Ange - Tarte Tatin you say? I'll be right over with a Beetle Translation Lens

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Late to the comment party, but just want you to know how much me and my friends LOVE Small Talk Diaries! We like to watch it after a tug off the hooka and giggle at the funny voices.

    Ah, still children at heart.


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