Monday, November 23

Old Money, New Money, New Order

People with inherited titles are a subsection of celebritydom. Wealth and privilege seem to make most people peculiar but there are significant differences between old and new money, I've also noticed that the way people behave about food reveals a lot about their insecurities:

Many years ago I cooked for Kaiser Bill’s great-grandson, known to me as Prince Nicholas. The Prince's wife at that time had been a debutante and her teenage years were spent being groomed as a suitable marital prospect for Prince Charles, but Charlie went off with Diana so the deb had settled for Nicholas. This setback wasn’t going to be allowed to dampen regal standards;

At the beginning of each week the Princess would hand me a very royal set of menus, every day the meals involved lots of richly sauced game, accompanied by side dishes and desserts swimming in alcohol and butter - and there was always a soufflé, the weekend menus would require two soufflés in the course of one meal. Not that any of this was actually eaten, the Princess preferred to eat salad and her husband was watching his cholesterol, so the ducks, the soufflés and the trifles would come back to the kitchen untouched.

I have never yet known Old Money admit to a food allergy, they simply bark a command such as: Never serve mushrooms! or There must always be gravy! Popstars, models and actresses, on the other hand wear their food fads like identity badges. Working at recording studios I got used to serving food that allowed for various diets and allergies. There was a period when a great many wheat-and-dairy averse clients from California were staying at the recording studios, and the food had to get really esoteric. These were overlapped by an English band called New Order, everyone sat and ate together in the large dining room. After a couple of days I had a visit from the New Order boys

Can you do normal food? - shepherd’s pie would be great, or sausages, we love sausages.


  1. Good old New Order!

    Shepherd's pie, yes please!

  2. I knew I like New Order! I told my DH he could have anything he wanted for dinner before he went away on a business trip and he said something British!

  3. I'm Limited Money and with New Order on the shepherd's pie and sausages!

    Oh Hai Savannah!

  4. I'm still a bit nervous about Spotted Dick.

    Oh Hai XL and Savannah!

  5. Haha! I read that the Smiths used to miss egg and chips when travelling abroad.

    I hate faddish people who do everything they do to be cool. Idiots! :)

    Shepherd's Pie, yum. I make a mean vegetarian one - tastes authentic too! Reading about your jobs always makes me hungry. Thanks so much.

  6. we're having shepherd's pie TONIGHT, thank you very much, sugar! xoxoxo

    Oh Hai XL and MJ!

  7. These sorts of things truly ought to be incorporated into the Ulmer Scale. Shepherds Pie = A List.

  8. We're still waiting for that T-shirt for the Christmas mrket!

  9. mapstew - I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like Shepherd's pie.

    New Order were generally very very lovely

    Pippa _ There is more to us than shepherd's pie and spotted dick though

    sav - thrilled that I inspired your supper

    xl - I'm Limited Money too, it's amazing the perspective it can bring

    MJ - nothing to be frightened with Spotted Dick - as long as you have custard

  10. Ms Assassin - who doesn't mss egg and chips if they're not available?

    Glory - I had never heard of the Ulmer Scale before - blogging is truly educational.

    Kevin - d'you reckon there's a market for it?

  11. Ooo, I hate the thought of wasted food, even if it's souffle. New Order are right, Shepherd's pie never did anybody any harm.

  12. The first time my parents took my brother and me out for a posh French dinner, my brother looked at the menu and asked "where's the curried sausages?"

    I think he was about 9 at the time, his tastes haven't changed much in 40 odd years either

  13. Would you please come plan and prepare my Thanksgiving feast? Can you be here by Wednesday night? I promise we won't send it back uneaten!

  14. I prefer Shepherd's Pie over just about anything, even if it's up against sushi.

    I'm no food snob. I am thrilled with whatever is made for me, even if it is just a peanut butter sandwich. The point is it was made specifically for me.

  15. I'd kill for shepherd's pie any time, also bangers and mash and toad-in-the-hole. All bad for me and that's why I love them.

  16. Shepherd's Pie was something my grandmother used to make, as well as steak and kidney pudding which was my favourite. Not any more though; I've been vegetarian for thirty years.
    P.S. I love your collages!

  17. Gadjo - I can get very cross about waste and I reckon I could do harm with a correctly aimed Shepherd's pie.

    Nursey - your brother sounds very interesting

    Ana - I'm on a plane, I hear you give great parties

    Scribe - Shepherd's Pie, the ultimate comfort food

    Mrwrite - nothings bad - as long as you don't eat the whole panful by yourself!

    Ms eyeball - Shepherd's Pie, steak and kidney pudding, sausages all reasons I can't be a vegetarian

    Thanks for pompoms!

  18. Swappets! Haven't seen or thought about them in decades. But if you were putting them in the deb's dinner I'm not surprised she sent it back.

  19. I'd never heard of Swappets Inky, truly I learn amazing things here.

  20. Wow, that Prince & Princess divorce story was quite a good read, even without the happy ending.

    I absolutely loved New Order as a teen - if in fact it's the same bad that gave us Blue Monday and Bizarre Love Triangle. Sausage for the win!

  21. oops... I mistyped "band" - didn't mean to type "bad". They are not bad at all.


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