Sunday, November 1

New Porridge Invention

Yesterday I made porridge for breakfast and just as it was ready the phone rang, turning off the heat I picked up the call from my father. When we'd finished talking the porridge was lukewarm, I added a bit more milk to the pan and reheated it ... but the phone went again and by the time I came off that call it was lunchtime so I abandoned the porridge and went out.

Coming back later and seeing the pan of solid porridge I decided to test my husband’s assertion that everything is better fried:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

Bubble and Squeak Porridge
(loud applause please)

Served here with bananas, dates, maple syrup and cream, the crunchy bits are good, if it’s the wetness of porridge you object to, this is definitely a dish for you.


  1. Mmmm, porridge!

    [applauds loudly]

    It looks yummy!

  2. I love porridge but you'll be hard pressed to find it on a breakfast menu at any restaurant in these parts.


    Oh Hai, XL!

  3. Too sweet for my tastebuds, I'm afraid.

    If you make the cold porridge into little patties they fry off nicely with a bit of sausage and bacon.

  4. I'm sure there were a few stories in The Broons about pouring porridge into a drawer to set and be cut into slices. Or maybe I'm getting confused with tablet.

    The story generally hung around someone breaking a tooth because The Bairn had left a wee toy in the drawer.


  5. Next you'll be 'sewing' your wild oats! I LUUUUUURVE porridge and am going to try this one on the kids (applauds) + (more applause if kids like ;-) Wish I was rich enough to hire you as personal cook but happy I'm not as am trying to eat less !!! Love

  6. I'm not entirely sure about this. Do you serve it with sugar or salt?

  7. xl - I like pease porridge too

    MJ - Do you have the same stuff for breakfast as Americans - grits 'n' waffles?

    Kev - actually I prefer a savoury breakfast too but for me porridge is best the usual wet way with whisky and cream.

    Glory - do you mean to say that I didn't invent fried porridge? Darn!

    Ange - see my comment to Kevin about my favourite way to eat porridge.

    Sewing oats hmmm - sounds like something I should investigate.

    Mme deF - Mine was a sweet version but having read Kevin's suggestion I bet it's better as a savoury accompaniement to sausages and bacon

    *starts to wonder what porridge and cheese would be like*

  8. I'm skeptical about this inventive culinary treat, Lu. As a Scot myself I have to say porridge is fabulous but only wet and swimming in a pool of milk. And sugar. I know this is the lame English way to eat it and that I am supposed to embrace the "Salt" method but no. Salt is so very wrong.

    Having said all that, I'd still try your invention.

  9. You forgot the little umbrella.

  10. Great idea. I do object to the wetness of porridge, and this would be a perfect accompaniment to my breadfast Ryveta and silica gel sandwiches.

  11. I'll eat anything with cream on top. And fried porridge sounds delicious

  12. I'm not the best person to ask... I mix molasses into my porridge.

  13. Grits are unheard of on any Canadian menu.

    Breakfast in Canadian restaurants is commonly bacon or ham or sausage with eggs, toast and/or some form of fried potatoes, orange juice and coffee.

    Oatmeal was often served to me as a child but it’s hard to find when dining out.

  14. Ms Assassin I'm skeptical about this inventive culinary treat
    Me too, I prefer the wet stuff and sweet

    inkspot - I'm clean out of those umbrellas since Friday's cocktail frenzy

    Gadjo Dilo - something makes me think you like eating puritanical food

    nursemyra - cream makes everything better, I'm with you there

    Scarlet - mmm molasses in porridge.

    MJ - You'd be right at home over here then

  15. To confirm, nae Broon ever fried the congealed drawer porridge. Although mibbe it had Granpaw Broon's false teeth somewhere in its midst.

  16. This looks really good. Would cover it with milk though and have more a sweet granola thing.

  17. Lulu -- I've seen you about and thought I would check out your blog. What is the origin of the recipe's name? I love porridge... in any form (except nine days old).

  18. yum, this looks
    and sounds

  19. Glory - I think I'd like to meet the Broons

    Mrs Cow - you're a wet porridge girl

    Ana - It's lovely to see you here. This dish is simply a result of my abhorrance of waste - it's nowhere near as good as proper porridge.

    Tammie lee - Welcome to you, fried porridge is not bad but see my reply to Ana.

  20. I'm sure your husband's movements were frequent after that.

  21. I'm sure my husband's movements are frequent but I can't be sure as he has spent most of the year in Africa.

  22. Oh lovely! (loud applause)

    I shall be trying this, as I often make too much porridge and it ends up in the bin.

  23. I'm not mad on the gloop that is porridge so, if I ever get to the stage in my life that three people might phone me whilst I am making it, this is definitely the dish I will turn to.

    I like mixing the oatmeal up with natural yoghurt and banana - that's my oaty brekkie of choice.

  24. Fried porridge is great. Good and healthy, too. You just gave me a yearning for it.

  25. Fried porridge? I am not quite sure. I like mine very wet, almost runny. With fresh blueberries that are just about to burst from the heat.

  26. Fried porridge? I am not quite sure. I like mine very wet, almost runny. With fresh blueberries that are just about to burst from the heat.

  27. Kat - You never know you might find it's up your alley

    Frenchie - that version of breakfast does sound good

    Hi Mr W

    Mrs Mum - blueberries are great with oatmeal!

  28. I can see this on one of those glossy recipe cards at Waitrose check-outs

  29. Sounds kinda like scrabble with fruit and nuts.

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