Tuesday, November 3

Passing Time

I’m back in the production office for a few days. Until recently it's been a hornet's nest of frantic activity here, all the parts of the filming team finally got off to Africa a week ago but then there were inevitably extra lorryloads of hard drives and cables to be sent out and lots of argy bargy about camp charges and filming fees, but Miss Whiplash sorted it all out and now it’s all gone a bit tum-ti-tum here - on the upside we finally have a chance to catch up with all the online horoscopes, Facebook and Guitar Hero.

When we’ve had enough of these activities, Miss Whiplash, the Youngest Camera Boy and myself entertain ourselves, and any passing guests, with tea parties and lunchtime events. Today a lovely man came and made the kitchen lights work - to celebrate we invited him to join us for lunch. YCB won several gold medals with his splendid stuffed peppers.

Light Man told us about his other job as a DJ;
I used to do toasting - but then I got shy.

I noticed a trendy new clothes shop today so I went in to investigate, I had a question to ask the sales assistant who was Welsh and very camp - I had to wait while he finished telling his colleague about someone he’d met at a party the previous night:
... well he made me really cross, I wanted to kill him and stab him and burn him.


  1. Nothing says "Party" as does killing, stabbing and burning. I assume he wasn't talking barbecue.

  2. Wonderful news that Miss Whiplash back in the saddle again!

    PS: I like Dr Pepper very much.

  3. I think that does constitute a party in some parts of Wales.

  4. And here's me thinking that toasting is something one does with stale bread

  5. I wonder why the party goer made him so cross? Perhaps he was wearing crocs?

  6. I'm with Scarlet. What do you have to do to be kill-,stab-, and burn-worthy? My guess is he's either incredibly irritating or really good in bed.

  7. Hi Lulu! I've greatly missed your stories of lovely gentlemen. And campy shop boys. I'm on a tum-ti-tum cycle myself, so it's time to get all caught up on your adventures! xo

  8. So did you buy anything in the hip clothes shop after all or did his long knife and Psycho Zippo scare you off??? ;-)

  9. What question did you ask the camp Welsh guy. I just have to know.

    With everyone in Africa now - except for the vital beings (you three)- does that mean The Director is away too?

  10. A trendy clothes shop with a psycho camp Welshman.. Yes, I'm desperate to know what the question was, too.

  11. Who gave you the pearl necklace?

  12. Could there be any more wonderful juxtaposition than 'cross' - the headmistress of angry words, with burnystabbiness?

  13. Oh yes. someone you need to back..away from..veeery..slowly...someone who can use the word "cross" and "stab" in the same sentence.

    Nice porridge invention too by the way!

  14. I need to know more about the trendy new clothes shop, we don't get them here and I miss them.

  15. how very nice of you to invite the electrician dj light-fixing chap to lunch. had you been eating and cooking with only the light from the refrigerator door for company until then? or a torch perhaps? difficult to slice and dice whilst holding a torch.

    i bet you're pleased to have working lights again.

  16. Bill I assume he wasn't talking barbecue.
    I don't think so

    xl - We all miss Miss W when she goes away! YCB has aged so much since he's been with us that I think we should call him Dr Pepper from now on.

    Gadjo Dilo - Is it like that at the Welsh parties you attend?

    Nursey - Me too I had to ask him for a demonstration.

    Scarlet - I've heard that croc-wearing will drive some people to murder

    Ana My guess is .. really good in bed.
    Does sound like it might be a jealousy related issue

    katrocket - great to see you here- more news in the post

    Ange - thoroughly rivetted/scared by psycho-killer - left without purchase

  17. Frenchie - I asked the camp Welsh guy why everything in the shop was the same size - he said they were samples (they were badly made samples too)

    The Director has been away most of the year, I set up the Notes from the Field blog
    so I could keep up with what was going on!

    Kevin - He was so pised off that I was in his shop too I'm pretty sure that I'd have been next up for the KSB treatment if I'd hung around any longer

    MJ Who gave you the pearl necklace?
    One of my many admirers

    Glory - it was that wonderful word juxtaposition that hooked me too.

    Screamish - good advice

    Eryl Shields - you don't need to know about that one but we do have some very good ones

    Ms P had you been eating and cooking with only the light from the refrigerator door for company until then?

    More or less, there are many lights in the ceiling and under the wall cupboards - over the 12 years we've been in the house the fittings have ceased to work one by one - we were down to a 40watt bulb and a torch, it had become an H&S issue.

    Lunch - I should have taken him out for supper - he was delicious

  18. A friend and I spent a riotous half-hour last year where she took me to all the trendy clothes shops in Manchester and pointed out all the rubbish finishing, etc.

    We followed that up by a tour of the expensive restaurants so that we could laugh at their menus.

  19. Christ, we've got exactly the same kitchen light fittings as you, are you quite sure we're not married? Btw it's not my job to fix them, stop complaining.

  20. Cow would rather be frightened to ask that sales assistant a question, or to even quibble about the fit of a garment.

    Perhaps this is the coming new retail strategy (strike fear into the customers so they'll buy?)

    (Cow just quickly handing several dresses to be rung up)


  21. Kevin - come to Bristol we could spend hours laughing at overpriced rubbish before going to buy some nice multi-pocketed cardigans and lovely, lard-fried fish and chips.

    Inky - I fully realise that none of the 'keeping-the-house-standing-upright' stuff is in your domain. You're in charge of swanning-off aren't you? (um - ok I might do that a bit too).

    Mrs Cow - I can't believe that you'd be so frit.

  22. I wonder what the chap had done to offend him so much? Had he spurned his advances or maybe eaten the last cheese straw?

  23. Sounds like my kind of party...killing, stabbing, burning, shooting, spittin, and cussing.

  24. You get alot of those types at my Sainsbury's. I enjoy eavesdropping.


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