Saturday, March 6

Charcuterie For Vegetarians


  1. Faux meat is almost as good as faux dairy products.

  2. Knit one, purl two? :¬)


  3. ok, now that's funny! xoxoxox

  4. There's a knitted room in Tasmania too

  5. ?? Are the things on that table edible? Or at least chewable??

  6. I have no idea what anyone would do with a woolen pork chop but they're interesting and very well made.

    (Hey, have you been getting my e-mails? I sent you a package - someone signed for it so I hope it was someone back at your office! Sparkly Fun awaits you at home.

  7. Miscellany Faux meat is almost as good as faux dairy products.
    do you get your milk knitted by any chance?

    xl - and keeps you warm inside!

    map Knit one, purl two? brings a whole new meaning to ribbing doesn't it?

    Hi Savannah - xoxoxxxxx

    Nursey - love the snacks - must find this room!

    Gadjo Are the things on that table edible? Or at least chewable?
    Well I gave a slie of the ham to my vegetarian guest and she said that things that looked like meat were also murder and refused to eat it but her cat enjoyed it.

    Synchy - that's what I thought

    Hi Kat - I have been told that your package has arrived and awaits my next return to Bristol - Thank you so much I can't wait to get it in my hands

  8. Think of the all sheep that died to make them. Sad.

  9. HOw many past lives has Mme DeFarge had or has she never had a haircut? Do you think the creator of these woollen meaty bits was forced to go on a vegetarian diet and is just in denial??

  10. Utterly splendid!

    I was confused by the use of both French and old money. Then I realised that if they're asking six shillings and sixpence for a chicken it's got to be Fortnam's epicure range.

  11. Charcuterie for vegetarian? It'll be sex for virgins next Lulu.

    Actually that's rather a good idea, 300 words by Tuesday please, usual rates apply.

  12. If someone knitted me a pig's head I'd love them forever, X

  13. Mme Def - I think of all the guillotines that the knitters must've attended.

    Ange - That Missus Defarge arrived recently on a banana boat - she's a bit green.

    Hmm frustrated veggie - living in Hackney, that could be the answer.

    Kevin - in one's fantasy world you can have old money, charming billets doux and Blossom Dearie all in one place if you so wish.

    Inky - Sounds like Britney - I'll interview her pronto!

    Eryl - a pigs head with an apple no less!


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