Wednesday, March 24

My Life Among Top Celebrities

I have no more cooking jobs booked in until next month so I've returned to Bristol to make myself useful and hang out with the stars.

I do have previous form as a celebrity chauffeuse so I was the natural choice to collect John Lynch from Bristol Temple Meads and deliver him for a voice recording on a film about lions. I donned my best chauffing uniform to take him to the recording studio and he did tell me loads of really good juicy celebrity gossip - but I was so star struck that I didn’t pay proper attention and now I can’t remember who is running off with who on the film sets these days.

Not content with just the one celebrity this week, I spent yesterday with Joey who is not only movie star glamorous but also extremely talented, she is a vestment-maker extraordinaire and definitely the person to go to if you need some new clerical outfits - and if that’s not enough to impress you, I have first hand evidence that she is the best macaron-maker in the world.

We spent the day improving our porn site app for the iphone and I’m fairly sure that I convinced John to appear in some of our videos while I was driving him back to the station.


  1. You live such a glamorous life already, and now you're going to be a macaron eating app- porn star. I'm so envious.

  2. I'm with Eryl. I've always longed to be the graffiti writing, detention getting hot teenager - never happened. I guess if I get an iphone I may still have a chance. Do they have a time travel app as well? I saw JJJ's macarons on her blog... mmmmmm.

  3. I'm a little disappointed that Mr. Lynch did not spark up a joint en route. Love that pic though...

  4. "improving our porn site app"

    Thank you! I now have a rationalization for an iPhone!

  5. How come there are no celebrities when I travel out of Bristol Temple Meads?!?! You must lead a charmed life, Lulu!

  6. All I saw here was lilac buds. Still, that was pretty good. It was so good I shaved my legs.

    Damn I need a life.

  7. Do you have to match the accent to the animal? N. Ireland = Lion, West Country = Hippo, Birmingham = Anteater, Geordie = Baboon..... just an idea.

  8. Eryl - it has been my lifelong ambition to become a macaron eating app- porn star. You are right to be envious.

    Ange - the future is all about iphone apps. You would become very rich and popular if you could invent a time travel one.

    Kat - Mr. Lynch does take a very nice pic doesn't he?

    xl - you'll find our app by searching 'Naughty Men in Mitres'

    Scribe - All the celebrities come to Bristol Temple Meads for me - it is indeed charming!

    Radish King - lilac buds would inspire me to shave my legs too, I'm off out to see if they're out yet.

    Synchy - no that's the movie star - I'm the brunette

    Gadjo - you jest but that idea is in the pipeline.

  9. John Lynch? He was amazing in Angel Baby... have you seen it? Very sad little Australian film about mental illness and love....

    If you see him again tell him how much I adored that film!

  10. Are you now just a weeny bit in love with him. Did you look into those gorgeous eyes and not swoon a little (I love the word 'swoon').

    I know of course this is the tip of the iceberg of being up close to fame. Looking forward to more stories of celebrity driving.

    (lots of cliches in this comment)

    You sound a bit happier anyway - glad about that.

  11. How fun!! My brush with greatness...I once got invited to a party in Los Angeles that was attended by the likes of Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper.

  12. i'm with french fancy about swooning1 ok, and yeah, i am a bit jealous, sugar! ;~D xoxoxox

    (i think y'all have just tipped me to a way to keep the MITM home! we'll develop an iphone app and rake in the millions *with a commission to y'all, of course as muse* and he'll never have to work overseas again!)

    (love the photos!)

  13. I love the cushions! I wish I could do stuff like that. They're lovely.
    Chauffing uniform? Did you get to where a hat?

  14. Can't wait to see that film. And where did you find the porn app? I kind of always miss out on the cool stuff, it seems. xx MM

  15. John Lynch c'est l'homme aux 241 piercings ???

    Où s'agit-il de l'acteur Irlandais !? Là je comprendrais l'excitation de ces Dames !!!!

    Non !! je plaisante ! Quoi que !? Le mot "chauffeuse" ( je suis encore à contre courant !) chauffeuse me semble toujours être une féminisation ayant plusieurs sens !

    Rembourré et sans bras... c'est la définition du dictionnaire Français ! ( pour un siège pas pour une femme !)

    D'une façon argotique ( Épouse, Femme ,Amoureuse et plus si affinités ...) Relatif à l'excitation, pas besoin de faire un dessin !

    Une brunette , chauffeuse , chauffeuse m'a chauffé sur une chauffeuse ... Et là le gaulois que je suis ,en perd tous ses moyens ! ;+P

    Conductrice, serait moins drôle !

    John Lynch it is the man in 241 piercings???

    Where it is about the actor Irishman!? There I would understand the glow of these Ladies!!!!

    No!! I tease! What!? Word "low fireside chair" (I am still in against current!) low fireside chair always seems to me to be a feminization having several senses!

    Padded and without arm it is the definition of the dictionary Frenchman! (for a seat not for a woman!)

    In a slang way (Wife, Woman, Loving and more if affinity) Relating to glow, not need to make a drawing!

    One brunette, low fireside chair, low fireside chair heated me on a low fireside chair... And there Gaulish which I am, loses all its means!; +P

    Driver, would be less odd!

    By translating it is even more odd !!!!

  16. Promenade dans le jardin
    L'odeur du lilas
    m'arrête un instant.

    Une petite bise !

  17. Nursemyra - I will certainly look for the opportunity to tell him how much you adored Angel Baby

    Frenchie - more than a weeny bit. Certainly swooning

    FJ - tell us about Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper!

    Sav - I'd love to see your iphone app (and a commisssion of the millions would be great!) xxx

    Scarlet - aren't they the greatest cushions! But her vestments are enough to make me want to become a vicar.

    I had a very large hat with flowers for the chauffing - I think it's so important to wear a hat while driving don't you?

    Met Mum - we invented the the porn

    Crabbers - John Lynch c'est l'homme aux 241 piercings
    Dommage que je ne le savais pas. Je voudrais lui demander me les faire voir

    Une grosse bise !

    Pity I didn't know about the piercings, I'd have asked him to show me (I have no idea if that was actual French I wrote above)

    Comme toujours t'es adorable Crabbers

  18. Yes! Hat wearing makes other drivers keep there distance.
    Actually, I have a hat with a big flower on it...

  19. L'abominable record du Guinness...
    John Lynch

  20. I bet you didn't know that he's the secret love child of

  21. Ok, Tuesday morning is no good because Mr FF is now returning from the big city and, as the station to collect him at is an hour each way -well, I won't be able to tune in.

    Could you manage it Monday do you think?


  22. Scarlet - do butterflies sit on you hat?

    Crabbers - Quelles images! enfin je crois qu'il n'est pas le meme John Lynch.

    Ellis - I did not know that

    Frenchie - I only do the zebra crossing dance on Tuesday - sorry!

  23. When can you and John get to my house for mitre dress ups and cushions wrangling for the new app?

  24. John Lynch - sexy beast, in a waif like way. Combination of him and macaroons could be dangerous.

  25. Uma Thurman played pool at the table next to me.

    OK I'm struggling here.

  26. ps. My son peed next to Ben Afflek at the airport then told me about it.


  27. My favourite bit in Angel Baby was when they were both being seagulls on an overpass. I like to make seagull noises and have an excellent piggie snort too. Also I can wiggle my ears.

  28. Yay for iphone... although living in a country filled with censorship means that there is no way I'll be able to download it... boo hoo!

  29. JoeyJoJo - I reckon we'll be over soon, John's very keen on the whole mitre thing

    Madame DeFarge - It's funny isn't it, that a man with such eyebrows could be at all waif like , but he is! He's agreed to be paid in macarons

    Hello Inky - we like Uma did you ask her for a game?

    Radish King - we like Ben too, was you son able to report on piercings - or interesting tattoos?

    Synchy - I'm very envious of your skills - I've tried to wiggle my ears and can manage a sot of scalp shrug

    Eternally Distracted - we'll make an app that can download through something like V-tunnel - can you get that?

  30. sometimes i go through these internet binges when I'm online like ALL the time, and other times like this week when I'm slack, and I wonder if you're going to read comments after number 30...all this to say...

    actually, i really love your photos, the ones on the side of the page...keep updating them, theyre great

  31. Thank you Screamish, I have big iphone love going on - there will continue to be sidebar updates of all my latest fads.

  32. C'mon now lulu, you must work on remembering the juicy sex-capades of the stars.


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