Wednesday, March 31

And Now For Something Shiny

Christmas is one of the many things that I refuse to acknowledge the existence of - for as long as possible - then somewhere around the 24th of December, my inner Trash Queen smashes through the carapace of my outer Grinch and I go into a frenzy of strewing holly and ivy around on random ledges as a prelude to the rearrangement of my collection of shiny stuff.

At some point in the new year the vegetation rots and I remove it but the shiny things remain until either the dust conceals the shininess* or I'm in a mood to move them around a bit.

Hence, as we approach Good Friday, I am typing this post next to the fairy light net that I installed on 24th December 2002, suspended among the lights are the jewelled Joy and Happiness Angels and a bloody-faced felt wolf in reindeer's clothing that were made by Ange last December.

I'm not the only one to do this obviously; along the Portobello Road is a shop called The Last Place On Earth. Last December I took photos of the owner sticking boxfuls of old gift ribbon bows around his frontage, I thought this was just for Christmas - but no, yesterday morning I passed the shop and saw that now the entire shop front is covered in bows and he has expansion plans up to the next floor!

*the shiny things are then banished to a box - I believe that the dust will drop off after a few years and I will bring them back out and rehang them.

I left the Pop Flat this morning and had a farewell breakfast with Half a Pop Group and The Child. The Child started scratching her head energetically, her mother's face looked horror-stricken, I said

Oh dear what does an itchy head mean?

The Child was triumphant

Nits and I've got curly ones!


  1. nits and ive got curly ones? what a sweetie. you're a fellow trash kitsch queen. we still have tinsel hanging off an indonesian puppet in the dining room.

    i wish i could have kept the fairy lights but husband refused. i think i must have been marked by a Skinny Hippie Princess at a party i went to when i was 19, she had her flat done out in fairy lights and i thought 'oh yes, thats the THING'. At the time I wanted to BE her, and thought that fairy lights would path the way. i never managed it.

  2. path the way?

    is that english?

  3. ewwwwww, nits! just reading the word makes me itchy, sugar! but all that aside, i still have a painted glass mr toad all decked out in christmas colors hanging from the breakfast room chandelier! i love him, the MITM loves him, the coconut krewe loves him and miss daisy hates him! :D
    (yes, i've become that petty and base towards the old gal!) xoxoxox

  4. I still have my tree and fairy lights up. I'm not sure if that supports your case or not.

  5. Quentin Crisp's advice to the housewives of England was that after 3 years the dust doesn't get any worse.

    Are you a housewife of England Lulu?

  6. I once left my Christmas tree up until March. You are indeed a kindred spirit.

    Take a look at my latest blog entry. I've left a little something over there for you.

  7. So have you now all got nits then? Is medicated shampoo something you've been giving up for lent?

  8. Screamish - fairy lights are never out of season - they certainly do 'path the way'.

    Sav - a Christmas toad - how wonderful!

    xl - just as I thought - absolutely!

    Inky - I am indeed a Crispesque Housewife of England.

    Scrib - thank you so much for the pompoms, I am beginning to see a trend for year round Christmas decor.

    Gadjo - I do always try and follow the advice given on every box of matches to 'Keep away from Children' The Child tends to bellow at me from the other side of a room - I'm not sure how far nits can jump.

  9. I just keep the tree up all year and hang a new date on it in December. I just have to pull the old socks and used Kleenex off it. I haven't seen the cat in months.

  10. Nits! Nits! Where's my ointment?

  11. Surely it's a "bow window" hahaha!

  12. It's difficult to take fairy lights down isn't it? They are so relentlessly cheerful... I used to have them wound around objects on my mantelpiece all year... until I moved. I am still looking for somewhere suitable to hang them in the new place.

  13. Murr - I am very resistant to christmas trees, partly because of it's inevitable use as a sock hanger.
    Your cat might have found a human with more mice.

    Hi Circus Monkey - ointment doesn't work you'll need to eat a lot of raw garlic.

    Mrs Cow - hahahaha

    Scarlet - get some of MJ's houseboys to come and stand around at your place, you can drape the lights over them.

  14. You'd do fine round here. We've got Bretons who have still got their Christmas and Bonne Annnee 2000 signs up. Likewise a lot of the smaller towns don't bother to take down the decorations - they just hang around unlit until December.

    Lazy lot of tossers really - not that you are for a minute.


  15. *unlit until* look so wrong together

  16. I love your fairy lights and Ange's wolf in reindeer's clothing!

  17. I like your attitude re the fairly lights, and that of the shop, as well.

    But, those curly nits make me squeamish.

  18. Lulu - THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! WHip your camera out and take close ups. The Director doesn't remember what nits look like I'm sure, and this could be a whole new film. ESPECIALLY if they're curly ones!
    Beware the wolf in reindeer clothing... Love

  19. What lies ahead for your London lodging? I can't wait to hear what's next.

  20. Frenchie - I'd noticed that about the French - year round street christmas deco - lazy or just economical (or maybe both).

    Nursey - I do too, the net holds up a whole tabbleau of drama the angels are fleeing the Mexican Horseman of the Appocalypse when they run into the wolf.

    Mr Writeon - would it year-round fairy lights and angel catch on round your way?

    Ange - The Director is hunting jaguars in the jungle already - nits can't compete with the things he'll be picking up.

    K - London is now a distant memory - new places are looming ahead of me.

    25bar - Happy Easter to You!

  21. I had always been diligent about removing all Christmas decorations until my son, who puts them up, became taller than me. Now I have all sorts of dust ridden glittery stuff above the doorways and on top of paintings. One day I'll get myself a step-ladder.

  22. It has been pointed out to me that I still have my Xmas lights up at work. I have pointed out that at work it is Xmas every day.

  23. Eryl - with any luck the dust will make them sag enough for you to reach.

    Kevin - I like your attitude there

  24. Yes, well I guess Jaguar fleas have something to be envious of. Just whacked a nit shampoo on Pokemon this evening... Sigh, spring is 'hair!'

  25. eeeuw that crack is pun-ishable by death Ange


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