Monday, April 5

Encouraging The Young

The best coffee in the world is served in the lesbian café close to our office. Last week the Camera Boys came back from the café enthusing about an opportunity they'd seen for earning extra income. Later in the day Whiplash and I went over and checked out the ad;

Sperm Donor Wanted

Single woman, early 40's seeks reliable sperm donor

- No involvement needed/expected

- cash payment made for donation

- genuine adver

On our return Whiplash was scornful

She wants 'reliable sperm' - do you think either of you could produce reliable sperm?

the following day one of the Camera Boys turned up newly shorn in readiness for an imminent filming trip I said

Good hair - it makes you look very youthful

At that moment The Director walked into the room and looked at the Boy

Useful! -It'll take more than a haircut to make him look useful



  1. I would gladly give my sperms for payment.

    Of course, I don't have sperms...

    Would she accept cake?

  2. I'm sure the Boy would make a good donor, as long as he's young and healthy and not too ugly. HA!
    You do hang out at the chicest places.

  3. so many questions come to mind, sugar, i don't even know where to begin! xoxoxoox

  4. The Camera Boys can have one last "fling" before hitting the jungle!

  5. Veggie - you want her to pay you for cake? Actually she'd probably go for that, the Lesbians can make coffee but they can't make cake for toffee (it's all fat and sugar free - what's the point in that?)

    Dedene - we do hang out in all the best places don't we?

    Sav - ask away

    xl - One of them is already there - and complaining about kankles

  6. There's something quite endearing about a boy getting a hair cut specially for an event.

  7. i'd worry so about giving my sperm, if i were a guy, that is.

    would some poor kid get frizzy hair, buck teeth and a big tush?

    some researchers firmly believe that eating disorders and addictions are genetic.

    that's it -- i am NOT donating sperm. or eggs, as the case may be

  8. I hope The Director laughed after saying this, he could make them cry one day.

  9. OMG - tell me what the coffee tastes like once the woman has kids...
    Better go feed 'mustard!'

  10. I see a fair amount of numbers are missing. I wonder it the advert placer is busy collecting?

  11. Eryl - I love to see boys scrubbed up for an occasion.

    Ms Weight - there is indeed evidence of behaviour being passed on genetically through several generations - I'm keeping my eggs to myself too - the Lord only knows what I might pass on!

    Zena - The Director is just toughening them up for the realities of this hard hard world

    Ange - I'm hoping it's the cake maker not the coffee maker going on maternity leave.

    Wow - I'm dying to know how she's processing the donations.

  12. "I'm dying to know how she's processing the donations"

    ha haaa!!!!!

  13. He had to have a haircut to become a sperm donor?

    When the Style Police start interfering with masturbation it's time to stop the revolution.

  14. Isn't it rich to know you could never make this stuff up.

  15. Is it really reliability that Lesbians want? The sort of sperm that turns into 9-5 type chaps with pin-striped suits and a copy of The Telegraph under the arm?

  16. Screamish - you must have the same sort of image in your head as me

    Kevin - SP are in every aspect of our lives sweetheart - what revolution?

    Alphawoman - exactly

    Gadjo - I think that's the thing - they need to know the sort of rebel they'll be getting.

  17. Haha, after looking at the pic, I thought, who the hell is 'Sperm Don?" Love it.

  18. Ha ha FJ, I know Sperm Don very well. He's fathered two delightful children for two lesbian couples here in Sydney. In fact he's my landlord! Luckily I have no need of his super sperm, but judging by the results it's very high grade and reliable :-)

  19. I wonder if reliable sperm donor is put into her reliable bathroom for emission - how else would she know it was fresh? I wonder if she also supplies the dirty mags for arousal or does a strip in the doorway or something.

  20. Call me conservative, but I think sperm should be given the old fashioned way, straight from the pipe.

  21. I have reliable sperm! They are reliably:

  22. FJ - Sperm Don - the lurking superhero

    Nursemyra ... he flies to the aid of distressed lesbians all over the world

    French - I'm wondering so many things about the hows

    Marky - there are problems with many a pipe - often the mains is faulty

    Mr Red - I thought you bred witches!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I gave at the office. :¬)


  25. haha... that's pretty funny mapstew

  26. What makes people do this kind of stuff? Alphawoman's right, you can't make it up.

  27. Have you ever had Sperm Doner Kebab?

  28. Mapstew - I gave at the office. Did you give generously?

    Nursey - Mapstew is a born comedian

    bb mcclain - What makes people do this kind of stuff?
    realising they're running out of time.

    Ellis Nadler - eeeuw!


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