Wednesday, August 11

Trying to Give Gifts

We went along to watch a farmer, his young son and their cattle herd being presented with an anti-leopard pen last week*. The farmer was thrilled, but the calves weren't too keen.

*more about this here


  1. An anti-leopard pen, blimey, that puts the anti-fox chicken coops we get around here rather in the shade.

  2. I could do with a cage like that for a couple of my patients

  3. If I didn't know about the leopards, I rather not be put in a cage either. : p

  4. The drawings remind me of the water buffalo sacrifice scene in Apocalypse Now. Sorry.

  5. Were the cages painted nice colors? That might make a difference.

  6. I can see why the goats didn't want to go into the cages, but they should appreciate being protected.
    You're having quite an adventure.

  7. Did it have a chandelier? :¬)


  8. Leopards are easily spotted, but a calf cage is a good idea too.
    Interesting post.

    Have a nice day, Boonsong

  9. Calves probably feel more vulnerable if they can't run away.

  10. Eryl - All pens should be kept in the shade

    Nursey - sending one over..

    Alesa, Dedene and Mrs Fly - resistance to cages and not being able to run away - completely understandable, we did tell them it was for their own good.

    xl - better go and watch that film again.

    Will - I hear they'll be trying out a pink version next.

    Map - Of course ;)

    Hello Boonsong - welcome to you.


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