Monday, August 30

Trying To Find A Match

The universal truth about estate agents is that no matter how clear you are about what important important features one is looking for; how much space, how many dungeons, turrets and catapault launchers, they completely ignore you. I showed them my drawing and I also told them about places that I had noticed looking a bit unused but possibly useful to us, places like this red brick delight that can’t decide whether it wants to be a Victorian bathing house or a car showroom. Handy for us because it already had a good workshop and big doors that you can drive a van through.

I was also rather keen on this ‘pro-cathedral

which I had no idea existed until I stumbled upon it on my early morning walks recently. This church was briefly raised to cathedralhood in the 60s, until a spectacularly ugly modern purpose-built cathedral was constructed nearby. It is currently partly used by a theatre company and a man who repairs bicycles.

No matter what I tried I kept getting sent details of things that look like this

I now realise that I should've asked to see places that looked to be made of grubby grey Lego and I'd have been overwhelmed by Baroque and Rococo.

Last week I took a phone call from an estate agent offering me a property that he admitted only had half the amount of space we needed and it had no ground floor access (which we also needed) but it did have an 'infinity wall' which he thought I'd rather fancy.


  1. Hold your ground. If we are gonna do a holiday swap, I don't want to have to go thru a lobby to get there. I'm willing to compromise on the catapults, but only if they have sea-saws to accomplish the same result.

  2. You're right. For one of or house moves we had a real estate agent who seemed to understand our needs and wants. One of the things I wanted was an ez access basement for a workshop. Typically she would take me to house basements with very low ceilings or there were head banging low pipes in the stair well. She was five foot tall and I'm over six feet. She just didn't understand the height difference.

  3. I've heard of infinity pools, but I can't imagine what an infinity wall would be.

  4. Oh, God! I love those first two!

    Ach! Is the last one located in East Berlin?

  5. I completely misunderstood pro-cathedral. It set me in mind of somewhere to go to worship the female form.
    However, the cycle repair reference reassured me because I was put under the care of a trick-cyclist many years ago by court order.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  6. queenwilly and I looked at houses for sale in France. One of them was a converted chapel... amazing. But I think it lacked an infinity wall

  7. My sister used to be an estate agent and would tell amazing tales of colleagues trying to press broom cupboards with 'feature ceilings' on families of five.

    I need to know what an 'infinity wall' is.

  8. Wow - exactly, it's about exchanging like for like...

    Will - I think you've hit on the reason for this sort of confusion, the person who has found me the place I want is a woman...

    Stef and Eryl- I think an infinity wall must be like a Mobius Loop - a bit Kafkaesque.

    xl - A form of Berlin - without the cultural aspect

    Boonie - I would like to see that form of pro-cathedral. You clearly have very sensible judges down your way

    Nursey converted chapels are mostly great, infinity walls not so much.

  9. Oh those first couple of buildings are so unusual - they would definitely help the creative juices flow. Hope you find the right dilapidated castle soon


  10. I've seldom dealt with estate agents, though I have, in the past, worked for a time in the recruitment industry, whose employees, I'm led to believe, share the same qualities as estate agents. Basically, they're a bit elaborate with the truth.

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  12. Infinity wall? No, I don't think so. An infinity toilet, perhaps.

    Estate agents are crap. They have the imagination of a classified ad. You'd get better advice from your barber.

    Just move to Canada and get it over with.

  13. I cannot stand the thought of every having to move again. It fills me with dread. But an 'infinity wall' sounds like a true delight. Think of all the Leylandii that you can grow next to it.

  14. (My comment has been eaten my blogger, under error 503, grrrr....)

    Where was I?
    I think the builfing in the first pic would be perfect for your requirements. Kind of old circus place... very original.

    Please, don't go to Legoland...

  15. Frenchie - The right dilapidated castle is within my reach

    Markie elaborate with the truth.!!!
    it's not excess of truth that I'm finding here, rather a deficit.

    Mr Red Just move to Canada and get it over with
    Actually I'd love to move to Canada, d'you wanna swap homes ...

    Madame DeFarge Think of all the Leylandii that you can grow
    I have run away screaming

    Leni Qinan - I like the sound of your library, d'you think they have a spare floor for us?

  16. Absolutely, Lulu! I can't think of better neighbours! ;)


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