Monday, August 16

The Wonder Dog

This is the hotel dog formerly known as Bollocks. All that changed last year when he was discovered with his head down a python's throat.

The rest of the python was wrapped around the dogs body and squeezing hard, the dog's owner thought Bollocks was a goner but shouted out for help anyway and noticed that the tiny bit of Bollocks that wasn't being strangled, the tip of his tail, wagged in response to his master's voice.

Help had arrived, the two men hit the python with sticks and it released the dog, unharmed but a bit cross, Bollocks bit the python before running home and has been henceforth known as Wonder Dog.


  1. Congrats to Wonder Dog. That took real balls!

  2. What do you do if a snake bites you? Bite it back – and that’s not bollocks, that’s Bollocks’s philosophy. Bless him.
    Fabulous post.

    All the best, Boonsong

  3. What was he searching for inside the snake? Had it stolen his bone?

  4. If an elephant in a snake looks like a hat, does Bollocks in a python look like a beret?
    : j
    Glad to hear he came through ok.

  5. I clicked to enlarge the photo and I can see how he got the name Bollocks.

  6. Holy chips! That must have been some big snake!

  7. xl - haha - I liked his style and his balls.

    Thanks Boonsong - a dog with attitude indeed.

    Nursey - Maybe ;)

    Alesa - Bollocks in a python probably isn't very comfortable whatever it looks like.

    MJ - I knew you would

    StefRobrts - I was hoping to see a python - but not too close.

  8. Bollocks truly is a wonder dog. Do dogs suffer from PTSD? Anyway, bollocks to that python, I'd say.

  9. What lengths some creatures will go to to change their name.

  10. Are they called that because that's the sound a 2-stroke engine makes?

  11. Poor doggie!

    (I quite like the furniture!) ;¬)


  12. Hell, is nobody here on the snake's side? What was Bollocks doing to annoy it in the first place? Eh? Nicking its toys no doubt.

  13. Poor, lucky little chap.
    No sympathy votes for pythons, please.

  14. That is a crazy story! I've heard never look a gifthorse in the mouth, but this sounds like an even more important lesson.

  15. Ian - Bollocks is too cool for PTSD.

    Eryl - attention-seeking I reckon

    Hi Jacob - I think so, that's what my Nan told me.

    Map - the furniture is made from strangler figs - so appropriate

    Inky - I think Bollocks was looking for his lady friend and got lost.

    Mrs Fly - none offered from me.

    Wow - I'm certainly not going to put my head in a python again!

  16. damn lucky dog, sugar! and now perfectly named. xoxoxox

  17. That carpet looks a bit smelly. My dog is here:

  18. Blimey! Is 'Bollocks' a word in Sri Lankan? Did they loan it from us or vice versa? Or is the owner of the hotel simply an English person?

  19. All the good comments are gone already, so what's left to say? I want a dog?

  20. sav - I think he likes the new name

    Ellis - that is the best dog I've ever seen

    Gadjo - the owner of the hotel speaks very good english and the name doesn't offend his Sri Lankan guests

    Met Mum - I want a cat, I think it does less poo.

    Alphawoman Ta x


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