Thursday, March 31

Despite being keen on neither Opera

nor Philip Glass, I had really enjoyed a recent production of Aknaton, so I accepted an offer to go and see a Harold Pinter play at the Old Vic this evening*

The show started at 7.30 - at 7.35 I was standing alone in the foyer watching a fuzzy version of Timothy Spall on the foyer screen. I hadn't been able to contact my friend who had my ticket and who I thought was meeting me early enough before the show for supper.

A thought crept into my head and I walked up the road to the Young Vic where my friend was waiting for me to join her for the show that started there at 8pm. It starred Jane Horrocks so I guessed that it would be an acting thing but it turned out to be singing and dancing thing - the sort of thing that I really don't like.

Also, before all that, my bus from Bristol to London waited in the bus station for seventy minutes before its driver turned up - I don't feel that I've had the best use of a beautiful day 

* I feel the same way about Pinter as I do about Opera - one day I will like them and then I'll know that I've grown up


  1. Oh, what a rotten day!And evening. But I hope you had a nice supper.With wine!
    I'm ambivalent about Pinter and emphatic about Glass.

    1. No supper no wine - found a muffin just before the Horrocks

  2. Your day sounds like an example of Koyaanisqatsi — life out of balance.

    Speaking of which. About 12 years ago there was a three-night showing of the Qatsi Trilogy of films at the University of Texas: Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, Naqoyqatsi. The soundtrack was turned off and instead provided (in perfect sync!) by a live orchestra conducted by Phillip Glass. The director, Godfrey Reggio, also played in the orchestra and was on-hand for Q&A with Glass afterward.

    1. Sounds amazing, it was out of balance


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