Friday, March 4

Today was gorgeous and sunny

I took a bus to Wapping and walked west along the Thames. 

There's a part where you turn a corner and suddenly see Tower Bridge and the Shard and City Hall and loads of boats with tall masts - in that sunshine and the blue blue sky it was dazzling. 

I had just recovered from my initial dazzlement and resumed walking when a young French couple came around the corner, I knew they were French because he went totally over the top and shouted

(that's French for wow!)

and then more noise and then silence while she shrugged and went


and he stared at her and there was an argument which got louder and I heard him say

Non, on n'a pas ça a Paris

and then he walked off


  1. Bof??? Did she say this in that dismissive sort of way??
    I have no idea what it means, but it doesn't sound good.

    1. like Di said, it's part of the 'gaullic shrug'

  2. A bit like "whatever" or "so what", Scarlet.

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