Wednesday, March 9

monster cats

at the new place - the lady cat exudes a muscular air of menace, right now she's snoring loudly but when she's not snoring she's glaring at me from her bed-on-a-stick, if I walk within a foot of this panoptican, she swipes at me with her slashy claws. The boy is more feminine and mews at me incessantly - they both want to know what I've done with their people

I'm somewhere near Dagenham and I'm finding it pretty exotic, the local shops are multi-purpose, selling food and non-food items, in interesting combinations. The shelves are packed with English-ey tinned things that I'd forgotten existed: potatoes, curry, cling peaches and evaporated milk. There are also loads of not-English-ey tinned things like ackee and saltfish. Sacks of many different brands of rice are piled high against the windows and the freezers have pizza and ice cream one side and bags of exotic fish the other - I got two big bags of frozen anchovies for £5.50 just because I could, I'm now stuck with how to eat that amount of fish before leaving on Friday*

*I'm under strict instructions to feed nothing but Whiskas Cattameat to the monsters


  1. Enter "anchovies" here for lots-o-recipes!

    1. thank you LX, actually I just defrosted some and the smell suggested that I should find a safe hole to bury them in,

    2. Make sure you bury them deep enough for the cats not to find them, or the anchovies may return in some shape or form or liquid.


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