Friday, March 11

I did a bit of shopping

then caught the bus back to the monster-cat house. It was a busy bus and I sat next to a woman who was muttering angrily, I thought she was just a regular mad person but then I caught some words about kids and biscuits so I agreed wholeheartedly and we were soon best friends exchanging information about our tea habits:

first thing through that door I make a cuppa 

me too 

with plenty of condensed milk


and if I go anywhere on holiday my bags are full of teabags and tinned milk


  1. Reminds me of being on a buss in the countryside once...just as a woman was boarding at the farm gate, two little children came running down the hill, shouting to her that "Auntie wants ten tins of con-densed!"

    1. it turns out that condensed milk in tea is quite the thing

  2. Noooooo.....
    I remember having to open a tin of Carnation when we'd run out of milk. Desperate measures!

  3. I hate buses very much. I can't stand those people that break my comfort zone.


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