Monday, August 24

Fire And Cake

It seems that we were hit by some kind of storm last week; the film crew arrived back from Arizona, frantically unpacked, repacked, people came and went with bits of engineering, repaired computers and reformatted batches of hard drives

the fridge was emptied.

At 4am this morning we hauled cases out to a vehicle for the trip back to Africa.

I’m standing among the debris of abandoned bundles of cables and surplus wads of packing – I have the stupified look of a cartoon animal that a train just ran over but it hasn’t realised yet.

On the bright side a lovely New Boy has come to work with me and Miss Whiplash

He makes cake

Today he arrived at 9am accompanied by a strawberry sponge and whipped cream

I might recover


  1. Yes ma'am, I'd be all over that cake in about minus two seconds. In fact I'm thinking of charging a cake as admission to anyone entering my apartment.

  2. Always have a taster on hand, especially when getting cake from a New Boy. Look for a taster familiar with various opiates and other hallucinogenic substances. After all, you've been known to hang with stoned rockers.

  3. If my husband brings me a bit of Co-Op Parkin I weep with gratitude, if anyone brought me a strawberry sponge with whipped cream that they had made themselves I'd probably never be able to appear in public again. I feel for you.

  4. I hope New Boy spoils you and Miss Whiplash!

    Be careful -- I fear that MJ may try to Shanghai him as a Houseboy!

  5. New Boy sounds yummy, send him across the pond to my office!

  6. Cake is a universally accepted language and currency.

  7. Mmm, Lools... New Boy, cake... for a brief moment God's in His heavens and all's right with the world.

  8. Ms Assassin - The sign on our front door says 'Come in Peace With Cake'

    Bill - it's ok I can detect most of the usual opiates - and other interesting substances by smell now!

    Eryl - I also do that crying thing when people are nice to me, mad isn't it?

    xl - Got decoy boys here for MJ

    Kate - Ok, he'll be needing a holiday soon.

    Wow - yes - although we do get slumps in the market sometimes

    Gadj - we know how to count our blessings at Earwig Towers

  9. New Boy has inspired me to bake a cake for my own co-workers so that I might also become a local hero.

    He's a keeper!

  10. It is Miss Whiplash who is going to be happy! A young lad who makes the pastry!

  11. Glad that Ms. Whiplash was there to enjoy the sponge and not withering away behind bars.

    Sorry everyone had to go back to Africa...sounds rather hectic.

    Hopefully no earwigs were harmed in the process!


  12. I believe that the proper term for a lovely "New Boy" accompanied by a strawberry sponge avec whipped cream is the BEST BOY!

  13. How is Miss W's life of crime panning out? Cake might make her a bit too large to squeeze through those windows.

    Is the cake man pretty as well?

    (Off-topic - do you know Bea Hammill, the Ex-BB housemate, evicted last week. She is a Bristolian I think)

  14. Kat - No problems can remain unsolved in the face of cake!

    Crabbers - on est toujours content quand le patissier arrive n'est ce pas?

    Mrs Cow - Hectic! you have no idea, no earwigs harmed though.

    Donn - He IS the Best Boy!

    Frenchie - Miss W might wear the masks and leather but her line doesn't necessitate much squeezing through windows

    cake man is uncommonly pretty - and has a new fiancée

    'fraid I don't know Bea (but I might have to avoid Mr Wolfs now!)

  15. Co-op are doing a lovely blackberry pie for £1.30. Goes nice with a cup of coffee. The film crew are insured to the nines, aren't they?

  16. OMG! CAKE!

    And houseboys!

  17. My brother's missus gave me a slice of her cheesecake last night. Lovely it was.


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