Thursday, February 11

Cut Myself Shaving

On Thursday mornings I go over to my local day centre for elderly Asians where there is a yoga class in the lounge before the serious telly-watching gets under way, we do lots of corpse posing and we're supposed to be breathing but I keep getting distracted by the smell of chapati-making in the adjacent kitchen.

It must do some good because I always come away feeling very chirpy and want to tap away on my laptop, trouble is, in an attempt to smarten up before yesterday's interview I shaved the bobbley bits off my coat and nicked my fingers with the razor

taptap ouch taptap ouch

Has everyone already seen this? - love Bill Nighy, bloody Blogger has sliced the edge off though!

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  1. poor you re the fingers! but thanks for the video - i adore him! xoxoox

  2. Hope your hurty finger is better soon.

    I do the corpse pose while watching TV, minus all the moving about.

  3. Corpse pose ... I think I'm doing one right now.

    Robin Hood Tax ... too big to fail!

  4. Horizontal (call it Corpse Pose if you must) is my favourite state of being.

  5. Look above... three of us posted at once!

  6. I only cut myself when I shave using an axe. Clam shells are much safer.

  7. Oh your poor little fingers. Do you teach the yoga class?

    (I've done a slow dance with Mr Nighy - years ago mind you but I still did it)

  8. I practice assohorizontology whenever I get the chance - but then I am American ;)

  9. You would do best to wear bally sweaters like moi then. Methinks we should start a trend. At least you can still do the 'corpse.' Love the idea of my Nighy ... even if it gets big enough to scare the bejesus out of the finance sector that would be worthwhile ;-)

  10. Sav - Is there a soul who doesn't adore Bill?

    xl - thanks for good wishes

    No beer or crisps while watching TV then?

    Mr Red - Corpse pose is why I love yoga

    MJ - Corpse Position isn't an erotic title though is it?

    Bill - I usually shave with scissors - the ones children use for paper

    Frenchie - I could teach this yoga class better than is being done here but I'm enjoying the 'atmospherics'

    Soooo jealous of your slow dance - not a single bit of my celebrity goss beats that!

    StefRobrts - is assohorizontology only available to US Citizens? _ typical!

    Ange - I do wear bally sweaters, I just thought I should make an effort to appear keen - but I'm a terrible liar and was rejected by Chelsea lady this morning

  11. Ah, Bill Nighy, he's effortlessly good isn't he.

  12. At least its not wobbley bits!!

  13. I loved him in People Like Us!

  14. Gadjo - 'effortlessly good' is exactly what he is

    FJ - I have wobbley bits but I don't try to shave them off.

    Nursey - I didn't catch People Like Us! It is now added to my list

  15. I sneezed while I was shaving this morning. I thought I'd cleaned myself up adequately until I got to work routinely late because the trains were held up by badgers at Derby and a colleague asked if I'd been in an accident.

  16. 'shaved the bobbly bits off my coat'. That's a euphemism, yeah? :¬)


  17. Hope the coat is making a full recovery. Really, you may have induced shock in the poor thing. Was it a sheepskin coat?

  18. I think he only asked me cos I was the shortest person at the party and he was the tallest. All I saw of him was his middle shirt button - and got a kiss on the hand for my trouble

  19. Kevin - I hope you got lots of tea and sympathy

    Map - shaved the bobbly bits off my coat. That is now Euphemism of the Week

    Madame DeF . Was it a sheepskin coat?
    No it was a live angora goat, I wear it as a stole

    Frenchie - All I saw of him was his middle shirt button
    that is the sweetest thing - does he smell nice?

    Synchy - no, it's blood on the fingers

  20. I enjoy a bit of yoga. The ones who are good at it do make me feel a bit sick though. There are some angles teh body should be bent into.


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