Thursday, February 4

News From The Pop Flat

From Monday to Friday, I live at the top of a house in London. When I moved in at the beginning of last month, the lower floor was occupied by Half a Pop Group and their recording studio, they also have a Child who slept in the room next to mine - I’d just got used to the Child sidling into the room where I happened to be and giving me a good staring. Then, ten days ago, Half a Pop Group took the Child, left London and some Australian musicians turned up to replace them and use the house and recording studio.

I’ve heard the piano playing and caught fragments of song, but now they’re moving closer. Today I heard high-pitched, wailey singing in my kitchen and knocking sounds, a bit like DIY, I wondered if a partition was going up.

I gave up trying to find a use for Facebook and went to investigate. A tall man with spiky hair was puffing away on a big joint, his trousers were really tight and short and very low slung, he must’ve bought them when he was twelve, I wonder if he loved them so much when he got them that he has worn them constantly and now he's grown and can’t get them off. he looked up and beamed when he saw me:

Hello Darling

Hi, you got everything you need?

Yeah Rockin’

What you up to?

I'm putting some drum tracks down

I can now see that the knocking noise is coming from a digital drumming device connected to his laptop, a girl’s singing drifts up the stairs.

They're busy - I’ve got to get out the way so I came up here

OK, d’you want some tea?

Yeah Rockin


  1. Is this an episode from "Peep Show"that was never broadcast?

  2. The shorts you are talking about may be what we call 'stubbies.' Relics from 1972 ;..Go google them ;-)

  3. i had no idea musicians still spoke that way, sugar! ;~D xoxoxo

  4. "digital drumming device connected to his laptop"

    I wish they had had these way back when. I could have been a rock drummer!

    Oh Hai Savannah!

  5. Don't feed them ... they will never go away and the bad pants will only get worse.

  6. AW bless. You got some time travelling musicians from the seventies! :)

    What a strange and interesting life you have.

  7. i didn't know aussie still produced musicians. do they know the bee gees? or rolf?

  8. Is that how Australians talk these days?? Disappointing. I'd have hoped for "I'm just going to point Percy at the porcelain" and other such Barry McKenzie ribaldry.

  9. Ellis - I am writing the next series of "Peep Show" actually!

    Ange - they're not actually shorts - they do go right down his legs - almost to his ankles. I love your aussie words, thongs, jandles, stubbies - go on say more...

    Sav- They do stick to a stereotype

    xl - I imagine you banging saucepans enthusiastically as a youngster.

    Bill - one should never feed wild animals - even I know that

    Ms Assassin - You got some time travelling musicians from the seventies!
    I feel like I've landed in Spinal Tap

    sas - aussie apparently does still produce musicians - I'll have to ask about Rolf and co

    Gadjo - I'm enjoying the language lessons

  10. Jandals is a kiwi-ism. do you want an Aussie language lesson? Here's one for you... "rock out with your cock out"

  11. Well at least your life is interesting, which is good since I think boring is one of the worst sins.

    BTW, I have been meaning to tell you that the ability to nail jelly to walls is a fundamental skill.

  12. I think it's a refreshing change from those baggy pants most of the kids are wearing.

  13. How do maintain your virtue with all the sin you're surrounded by?

  14. Oh gawd, I'd be on the first train out of there. I can't abide the boom boom boom of a drum track. You poor thing.

    We've got an empty spare room if you want to shut yourself away in the French countryside. Bichons might jump on your bed to wake you up though.

  15. Lulu, does this mean that your tranquille haven will become too noisy to think?
    Hope the guy who's stuck in his shorts is a good neighbor.

  16. Ange mentioned 'Stubbies'. I haven't thought about them in years. They were an Aussie brand, but I bought mine in Hawaii and wore them for ages. Yes, they were very small. I grew out of my exhitionistic mode.

  17. First, brilliant picture, as usual.

    Second, I can't work out quite if you are perplexed/vexed by all this or just bemused. I would be vexed. Sounds coming through the walls.... I am shuddering here.

    Third - I love the way English people (and maybe Kiwis and Aussies too) call strangers "Darling." It is so winning. I guess the women say, "Love" as in, "Hello, Love." Were you won over by DrumBob Tight Pants?

  18. The child kept sidling in to give you "a good staring?"

    Just what were you doing?

  19. Oh dear. I think I would have banged my head on the table. 'Rocking'!

  20. nursey rock out with your cock out
    Is that how the Sydney boys chat you up?

    FJ - boring is just ...boring really isn't it,it's not even interesting enough to be a sin

    nail jelly to walls is one of my many skills - I can wrestle jelly too, if I get offered a big lump to deal with.

    MJ - but neither sort of pant enables one to walk, thus the man remains in eternal babyhood!

    Mr Sanderson - Who told you that I maintain my virtue?

    Frenchie - Hmmm Children/Drummers/ Bichons - life has come to making these choices

    Dedene - stuck in shorts guy is sweet - and not there much.

    mrwriteon - please post pix of 'exhitionistic mode'.

    KSV - I'm neither perplexed nor vexed, it takes a lot to do that to me. Mainly Im curious and wondering what might happen next.

    and I am won over by DrumBob Tight Pants? (perfect name for him)

    Kevin - Just what were you doing?
    Getting dressed, eating, showering...

    Mrs Mum - would you be banging your head in time to the track?

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  22. Lulu looking at boys in tight shorts

    Isn't conducive to thinking right thoughts.

  23. Don't make anything with courgettes. He may feel worried. But way to go on the rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

  24. Inky -
    Thoughts disturbed by thumping drums

    what else to do but watch boys bums?

    Madame Def
    I don't think he's the sort of delicate flower to be phased by my courgette manipulations

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  26. The only Australianism I can think of right now is 'Fair suck of the sav!' Sav(eloy) being a sausage on a stick like a really gross lollipop. (Being vegetarian I have never partaken of this dubious delight.) The expression being a vulgar version of the more well known, but less amusing 'Fair go!'.

  27. Sounds like a fun place!
    Can I come for tea?

    @ sav; "Oh yeah honey, babe, sugar!" :¬)

  28. Synchy - Never heard that one, but will make excuse to use it at the earliest!

    Map - Tea - and Jam?

  29. Are crows wild animals? Are peanuts food? I stood in the yard in my underwear late last night well after midnight lining up peanuts-in-the-shell along the storm drain. Now the cats are watching the crows for their entertainment.

    It helps me sleep.


  30. Mrs Radish Lady
    Did you raise the crows from eggdom? If you did they are tame wild animals.

    I consider most organic matter to be food; but not soap and hair.

    Still no new pajamas?

  31. The crows have been here since forever. I've been here 20 years on this house so I think I've raised them up, in my way. They like peanuts. They like to get them out of the shell. I never give them anything else. And they've never dropped dead in my yard.


    2. No, I've switched to naked for as long as I can get away with it.

  32. you'll catch your death sweetheart!

  33. **cough**

    Supine listless on the sofa.

    Oh dear.

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