Wednesday, February 3

New Eatery - Opening Soon!

Over the weekend I took a tour of the neighbourhood with my man and we noticed that a restaurant we used to frequent had been renamed, there was a board out the front with the words BRING YOUR OWN written on it.

We looked at each other

Bring your own ...???

Bring your own ... money?

Bring your own husband?

then we got it at the same time
Bring your own dinner!

If it turns out not to be that kind of restaurant we have decided that we will jump into this obvious gap in the market - a restaurant for all those people who know what they like.

We're going to make it 'All You Can Eat' and 'Self Service' and for people who like buffets we'll have trestles for them to put their stuff on.

We'll provide the drink.


  1. Maybe it's "bring your own toilet paper"?

  2. Imagine - a place where you bought a little tupperware with you - and your own plastic cutlery.

    There used to be a place in NW11/NW3 borders that had no prices - you paid what you thought the meal was worth. The owners said that most people overpaid because of not wanting to look mean - yes, that was just what we did as well.

  3. Will I be allowed to watch TV during meals?

  4. I shall bring a waitress.
    Or a hostess trolley. Or perhaps just a trolley.

  5. This is such a good idea it's left me speechless.

  6. I'm suddenly hungry. But I want to eat something you made, not something I made.

  7. Sas and Screamish - wanna come in with us? - bring a bottle and a trestle!

    Nursey - One might need to bring so many things, quite often in UK restaurants it's a warm coat!

    Frenchie - I attended many communal suppers in French, salles des fetes and the like, where we were all asked to bring our own 'covers'
    I found it charming - and very eco

    xl - Bring your own TV!

    Scarlet - Bring your own trolley!

    Eryl - I thing we've got a goldmine situation brewing - I'm on Dragon's Den next week!

    Ms Eyeball I want to eat something you made, not something I made.
    Ok I'll bring my dinner and you bring yours - then we'll swap

    Shit - another great restaurant idea, where are they all coming from?

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  9. Bring your own buxom barmaid too? Bring your own conversation? The list is almost endless.

  10. Yes, also "Bring your own ambience".

  11. Madame DeFarge - The list is absolutely endless - it's a 'Have What You Want Restaurant'

    Gadjo -"Bring your own ambience"
    Hmmm I'm beginning to see the flaw in this idea, I'm imagining you poncing in with a boom box on your shoulder playing Bartok, while your neighbour is trying to listen to his Drum n Bass. I might have to be in charge of Ambience

    So that's you with nothing to worry about Kevin.

  12. Lools, and Kevin will be bringing his George Formby records: you can be "in charge of ambience" as much as you like but it'll get you nowhere!

  13. Will it be mayhem Gadj? - Brilliant!

  14. That was me a long long time ago. My past just dropped in to say helloLulu.


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