Sunday, February 7

Pot Heads

The Australians reckoned that having come as far as England they might as well 'do Europe' while they were at it, they have disappeared, leaving me alone in the Pop Flat with Felicity. It feels like we're doing a middle-aged remake of an 80s comedy series.

Felicity gets back every evening from a job that she loathes, she deals with the horror by smoking her way through a large amount of marijuana, then she gets really hungry and prepares a late feast – usually something involving lots of vegetables and rice. The only pot big enough to hold the quantity of food she thinks she'll want to eat has part of it’s side broken off along with one of the handles. There's a lid from a different pot that sits on top of the one-eared pot and I've got rather fond of the sight of this odd pairing.

So imagine my sadness the other day when I saw that the mismatching lid, had broken in half – but it's ok - I’ve mended it, we only had string and sellotape in the house, I think the string will work best.


  1. Oh feck, I'm laughing, and I haven't had pot since Moscow!


  2. kudos to felicity for such healthful post-smoke eating, back in the day, i'd run to the all-night market and grab mass quantities of the worst junk.

    nice pot repairs. very adorable.

  3. The string is a brilliant solution, function and festive!

  4. Haha, there's something quite aesthetically arty about that string business. Like it makes the food more AUTHENTIC. :)

  5. I admire your attempt to troubleshoot, but I'm not sure this is a permament fix. Thanks for the laugh.

  6. Ah, Neil, bless him; remember the days when almost everybody could do a Neil impersonation? Best of luck with the pot/string thing.

  7. I love Rik Mayall, he must be a scream to live with

  8. Hells teeth, woman. Whilst I admire your efforts - string holding your chances of eating a square meal together - has it really come to this? Has it?

  9. Map - I haven't had pot since Moscow!
    Just last week then?

    Mrs Weight - I think chocolate was my post-pot thing

    xl function and festive!
    that is what I'm all about

    Ms Assassin it makes the food more AUTHENTIC.
    I guess it does in a hippy dippy 'knit your own porridge' sort of way

    FJ - a permament fix could be a new pot, I have bought some which I have placed in the cupboard - but they're not big enough!

    Gadjo - Actually those Neil impressions were quite irritating weren't they?

    Nursemyra - I just wikipedia'd Rik Mayall, I'm rather glad not to live with him - but he is funny.

    Mr Sanderson - string is not holding my chances of eating a square meal together - I did it for Felicity, when I get in I just unwrap the cheese

  10. h'mmmmmmm pot...*sigh* xoxoxo

    (i was living in the ksa with the coconut krewe (all very young) when we first saw the young ones - probably why they're all as wacky as they are now...)

  11. I'm still kicking myself for not buying a full set of LeCreusets from the Rumanian Charity Shop that were going for £25

  12. One must always have duct tape at hand.

  13. How very McGyver of you! Remind me to tap into your genius when my dishwasher goes on the fritz again. Cellotape, string and a big bottle of shiraz - that's my solution!

  14. Oh my Goodness. Have you moved into my old flatshare in W8???

  15. That's one of the funniest things I've seen or read. You gourmet cooks and the things you get up to

  16. Adventures In Japanese Bondage Cookery -- should be a best seller!

  17. sorry if i missed this, but just what IS felicity's job? jaysus...

  18. sav - h'mmmmmmm pot...*sigh*
    those were the days eh?

    Where is the ksa?

    Ellis I'm still kicking myself ...
    so you blinking well should be!

    MJ One must always have duct tape at hand.
    I know - why did I ever leave home - there are mountains of the stuff there - and glue

    Scribe How very McGyver of you!
    I am the British McGyver and when in doubt, find there's little that a decent bottle of red can't solve.

    Mrs Mum - I'm a little further west, but I might have one of your old flatmates

    Ms Fancy You gourmet cooks and the things you get up to
    watch out for the lesson on
    how to really really burn beans
    (actually I might post that one!)

    Kevin - not neat enough for Japanese Bondage - Brixton Bondage Cookery maybe

    Screamish - Felicity's job should be glamorous and well paid, it's quite high profile, but she's not qualified to do it and can't do it and I think her bosses know but they don't have any money to pay a real grown up, so everyone keeps pretending...

  19. String Soup: is Felicity a Clanger?

  20. Aah - the Clangers
    I guess she might be

  21. Nice ad hoc solution to the broken lid, Lulu.

  22. Hang on - who's Felicity??? And why did the Aussies leave her behind with a whole stash of pot, rather than a really BIG pot???

  23. Synchy - I'm the practical type!

    Ange - Felicity the Flatmate doncha know? Why she got the whole stash - I guess it was right place right time


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