Friday, April 8

I adjust quickly to being on a boat

but I am becoming more and more vertiginous when I leave the boat and walk around on this good earth

so I've decided to leave the boat for good 

I'm feeling a bit sad about this

but not a really really sad because I have come to look after my favourite cats and there is a proper bathroom and it's warm 

the tortoiseshell is currently leaping in and out of my capacious handbag and Wheezy has made a nest out of my pajamas


  1. It's funny, isn't it, how dealing with the head on a barge is, in a way, like dealing with a litter box.Or maybe it's not funny.

    BTW, cat litter is known,Chez Dinahmow, as "shit grit."

    1. both items can be dealt with either easily and inoffensively or with the maximum, smell and mess, what puzzles me is why do the latter

  2. Yes, lots to be said for the comforts of cats and a proper bathroom.

    I had the opposite reaction: vertiginous for over three years whilst being held prisoner-of-war (so to speak) on a boat.

    1. That sounds horrible LX, I didn't realise you'd had that experience (I'm still swaying!)


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