Thursday, April 7

Notes on camp:

barge life is basically camping - issues that are insignificant at 'real home' suddenly loom large;

what goes in:

the quantity of stuff you carry to camp - you must keep this quantity in your head because if you could barely carry the stuff you arrived with and then you acquire more stuff - something has to 'disappear'.

what goes out:

I carried  quite a lot of food and tea to the boat - putting it into my body is simply hiding it from view - the way things work on the boat means that I have to plan my café visits strategically.

Luckily, there is a municipal swimming pool close by - combining bathing and bathroom addresses my major camping issues in one fell swoop.


The boat has solar panels - if I manage things well (and if the sun shines sometimes) I have power for lights and batteries - so far I'm handy with that.

For heating and cooking I've been using the woodburning stove - I've been trawling the park daily to pick up kindling and any other useful wood but to be effective logs are needed, there was a small supply when I arrived and I've used those up.

This morning I bought a sack of the logs at the nearby garage and now I know that London wood is, by weight, more costly than diamonds and that my lovely stove suppers are costing more than I imagined.


  1. "combining bathing and bathroom deals"

    Yikes, no head*!?!? Is that typical or was this originally a cargo barge that has been re-purposed???

    * nautical talk for bathroom

  2. Not sure I was quite speaking English - there is a 'head' but one wouldn't want to use it - PLUS the emptying of the 'head' is not exactly streamlined

  3. You could have called this post 'Notes on logs'.

  4. Yes, dealing with the toilet necessities gives a whole new meaning to "carrying the can."


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