Tuesday, April 26

Tomorrow I am back at school

but today I am in Bristol  - we sat by the fire, me mending jumpers while my Japanese friend, K made a patchwork quilt and we spoke together about everything:

I showed her the holes in my jumper and made a crying face
moths ... moths make me sad

she thought I was talking about moss and looked puzzled, I explained about the creatures that eat my jumpers
aaah yes in Japan sometimes I think I can hear them in the roof space

That turned out to be mouses so I mimed an evil tiny flying nibbling thing  


  1. You could have just played Die Fledermaus.Assuming, of course, that you did bring one home from Vienna?

    1. I should've thought of that one Di x

    2. I,m in Florida-almost close enough to wave! flaps hand furiously...


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