Tuesday, September 9

Big Head Ornaments = Small Penis

9th September
As a postscript to the fluffing thing below, I tend not to get asked to fluff if it can be helped, I am considered stupendously impatient, particularly if I have to work with The Director, it is a bit true - somewhere around the two thousand and fiftieth take, when I’ve snipped and brushed and poked with tweezers and I’ve used up all the beetles I’d collected (they fly away when they've had enough), I can get a little scratchy.

I’m not good with figures actually, when I hear statistics I go a bit blurry and when I try and pass on the information I tend to shift the decimal point around. If it’s important, I need someone to tell me the information slowly while I write it on my hand and then try and embed the information as an image in my head. I’ve written the next bit while the Director is hovering nearby.

The Speedy Camera has arrived – with a Youthful Camera Boy, it films in high defintion at up to NINE THOUSAND FRAMES PER SECOND. Filming at normal speed goes at twenty five frames per second (fps) so this camera is something else. The fuzzy wing beats of bees (150 times per second) for example are transformed into graceful balletic gestures. We’ve got it for the week and so far we’ve just been trying it out. I expect I’ll go on about it a bit more another day.

Interesting article in the New Scientist this week. A scientific study on four populations of the same species of horned beetle showed that the ones with the biggest horns had smaller penises, the scientist observes that:
'Strong male beetles use their horns to fight for females, but weaker males prefer to sneak off to mate while competitors are fighting.'


  1. Beetle penis. In my head. Won't leave. I'm not sure how I thought they reproduced, but for some reason, I didn't think it would involve peni.

    I also have your decimal point problem, and once held up an entire super important meeting thingy for several hours while other, better qualified people attempted to untangle the bad things I had done in converting pounds to euros.

  2. Ooh Jaywalker, don't get me started on currency conversion...
    Yep, invertebrate sex is very interesting have you seen slugs at it?

  3. I'm not entirely sure - would I definitely know it when I saw it?

    Now. Yesterday I had to physically restrain my older son from collecting wasps for you to throw into the wasp spider web. He is rigid with excitement at the whole idea of your film. I told him you needed them alive and by the time they got to you they would probably be dead. But he will not be put off for long...

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  5. Kids do love helping don't they? Sounds like he needs to have his own insect project on the go. I'd love to hear about Belgian insects.

    Here's a good slug sex link


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