Sunday, September 14

What Are We Like?

14th September
After going on about the qualities of my friends, neighbours and work colleagues for the last three months, it seems only fair that I should try going a little closer to home and describe what The Director and I are like, so:

The Director is stubborn, funny and mostly quite clever but he can sometimes be a tiny bit like Mr Bean. There are as many as three pairs of glasses on his head at any time. Invariably a pair falls off and he treads on them, or the pair in his pocket gets crushed - his path is littered with spectacle body parts. He likes shiny camera-related objects and dead animal remains - our house is full of fossils and skulls.

Impossible to describe oneself, you can see from the banner that I model support underwear and have a penchant for pointy hats and big skirts, I am very keen on food. I asked The Director to describe my inner beauty but had to discard his first attempt, mainly because I took exception to phrases which included grumpy, abrasive and cow. I also think stingy is a little uncalled for. I am trying to control a budget here, so yes, the sight of another lorryload of camera lenses, tapes and computer hard drives being ordered will raise my volume a notch.

I asked him if I resembled a fictional character or screen icon, I made some suggestions: Audrey Hepburn, Gina Lollabrigida, Isabella Rosselini…? He thought a bit and said 'That girl from the Peanuts cartoons - Lucy'.


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