Wednesday, September 10

Big Bangs

10th September
It’s Big Bang day over at CERN in the Jura, I haven't quite got to grips with it yet although this cool video I came across on Jacob Russell’s site helped.

Our Speedy Camera see post below is just like having our very own particle accelerator - OK it’s nothing like - but it does show things you can’t normally see. There was a lot of insect filming with it the last couple of days and that was all great but...

Obviously it would've been madness not to have a go at filming other fast things; explosions, smashing stuff, spillages – and someone had the idea of throwing a dart into a water-filled balloon. At 9,000 frames per second you see the dart piercing the balloon, ripping it into 3 sections, leaving a ball of shining jelly water hanging in the air. The dart’s silhouette cuts through the water, slicing up the wobbly blob which explodes into a millions of sparkly drops – bloody brilliant.


  1. Just nipped over from Belgianwaffling, of which I am also a fan. I read and enjoyed a few posts and am in AWE of your banner and the other collages I saw. Are they your own? Fabulous. I'll be back soon (and often) to see how you're getting on.

  2. well thank you ksv, the collages are what I do, when I should be making a call to try and sort something out

  3. lulu, what chance of posting some of those delicious sounding slow mo whatsits on you tube??? And giving us the link of course.

    With ksv on the collages. You have a load of talent.

  4. Hi Ernest, nice to see you, I'd love to put some footage up, it's all taking up massive storage space on the computers at the moment and has to go through a bit more processing.


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