Thursday, September 4

Lost in Alaska

4th September
There seems to be a bit of an Alaska theme going on at the moment. We have a camera stuck there – Sarah Palin, send it back to us, you all round Bad Woman you!

We have booked to hire a very Special Camera - high definition and ultra high speed. It should’ve arrived in the UK today, we have people poised to collect it and drive with it to France, but it is stuck in Alaska apparently because of bad weather. The plane did take off last night but had to turn around and go back.

Weather is the big big issue in our lives. Trying to guess how the seasons will be is The Director’s obsession, not only does it affect whether we can actually film or not but it affects what creatures do and when they do it. And the seasons are always unseasonable, this summer was unseasonably wet but the winter was unseasonably dry. And before you know it things are hatching before they’re supposed to, or not hatching at all and havoc is played with our filming schedules. We need good light for this Special Camera plus insects and flowers, and that’s summer isn't it? and summer is running out fast... so come on Sarah give us back the camera.


  1. Lulu,

    You have hooked me in with your tales of fish pommade and insect celebrities damn you!

    Must understand more. Please assist with brief explanation of why so much insect life in film. Ps woodlouse in French = cloporte. I can probably assist with most other insect vocabulary issues too. Do not hesitate!

  2. It's a series of films about insects and the reason we have come here is that there are so many of the blighters - and we'll get more sun than in angleterre.

    Thanks for offering to help with vocab and I may well take you up on that one.

  3. Oooooh. You see, I already want to see it. Insect film + insect obsessed small boys = guaranteed peace for me.
    I wouldn't trust Mrs Palin with your camera for a second. She'll be up to all sorts of no good with it...


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