Friday, September 19

Tempting... or maybe not

19th September
Bruno arrived at the front door yesterday morning, bag of beans in hand, he said that he hadn’t meant to be rude the previous day.
Then he got closer.
You know what women are like he whispered conspiratorially. But If you want to thank me, a nice kiss would do the job

What with the alcohol that had clearly been consumed and the fact that Bruno is not a friend of soap and water, he was quite ripe. I suppressed the next ten things that came to my lips, and finally came up with;
That's a lovely offer Bruno, but my husband would never allow it.


  1. Fantastic! Well not in the sense that you were being courted by say...Sergio Castellitto, but I can see this happening in my mind...and what a moment. There should be an option to add background music...right now I'm listening to Stephane Wrembel's Nuages...and it is sublime.

  2. The music in the background to this scenario was more Alfred Hitchcock, I'll check out Wrembel to take the bad memory away


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