Wednesday, September 17

Tart Rejection

17th September
It’s gone all quiet here, The Director and the Happy Camera Boy are back in the undergrowth with the insects and suddenly I’ve got time to catch up on village life.

I had a big cook up and ended up with a surplus tart on my hands, I decided to take it over to Bruno the Knob Destroyer who is still leaving bags of vegetables on our gate. He intercepted me as I was heading up his drive;
What are you doing?
Bringing you one of my tarts – it’s a thank you for all the tomatoes
Well don’t, my wife will get suspicious – go away

I offloaded my tart on nice M Bert across the road and pedaled on to the bar to join in with the pétanque, the club is now a busy, international affair (by village standards). The Strange parents are running the bar double-handedly now that they have been abandoned by their children, their eldest son married his Danish bride and they've gone off to join a thrash metal band in Copenhagen. The other son has also disappeared, possibly to stock up on military outfits and stiff leather boots.


  1. Oh dear oh dear Lulu. You've unwittingly ended up at the centre of a vegetable infidelity scandal. Trouble ahead...

  2. You're not kidding - it gets worse

  3. If Bruno's wife is of italian origin also....oh yes, I can certainly understand the tart refusal. I wonder if that's why the neighbor refused my offer of tomato plants?

  4. I didn't actually know that Bruno had a wife until that visit, I assumed he was a sort of hobo and was expecting to find a cave when I went to visit.


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