Thursday, December 4


4th December
Mme Bontette filed her first stories for the local newspaper a week ago, This is the newspaper most commonly found in the bars around here, there is also a regional daily paper, these two papers are the only ones I've seen in the local people's houses.

Having just missed  one deadline Mme B has put in a bumper amount of village news this week; the film show, the weekly yoga class and a rivetting piece about the day last week when it rained and Vera and I went out and played pétanque with a couple of other people (that's me in my new yeti jacket).

Tha has pretty much used up all available local stories. Mme B doesn't approve of the new people running the bar, so she won't write about them, and since the elections she's at loggerheads with quite a lot of the rest of the village. Next week could see an exclusive 'Woman Re-homes Two Cats' story.

Yes the cats are still here, they flee the moment they catch sight of me and find places to spy on me, so I still haven’t seen them properly yet, there is a grey stripey one and a dark grey one, they share the distinguishing feature of only having half a tail each. I feel they should have names - I’m trying out Brian and Janet


  1. So, Budapest it is.

    Brian and Janet, names sounding suburban.

  2. You made the papers! Now for your next task you need for the bar owners to endear themselves to Mme Bontette somehow

  3. Hi Bill, d'you think I should choose something a bit more wild west for them?

    French Fancy - Obviously I feel that I've arrived now that I'm in the papers. The bar owners behave in a way seen as uncouth by the French population - I can't think what to do about that one

  4. You have definitely Arrived. Congratulations!

    We've named our animals, but find we rarely use them, except for visits to the veterinarian. The dog now looks up when he hears "Dog, do you want to eat?"

    Of course, he's probably reacting to the word "eat". :-)

  5. How about Brad and Janet after The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

    Then you can sing, "Dammit Janet, I love you" to her.


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