Saturday, December 6

Repas de Chasse

6th December
The Association of Hunters held their annual meal for the commune last week. Herisson hunts boar, he is short and stocky, ruddy-faced, very shy and keen on Vera. He asked her to accompany him to the meal but Vera is a minx and can’t decide whether to deter or encourage him, she felt that it would be best to say that she has already arranged to attend with me.

Vera came to my house first so we could arrive together at the Salle des Fetes then she found her French lover and sat with him and his family, their affair is a (not very secret) secret. I’m not sure how I ended up sitting next to the semi-comatose guy who spoke not one word all evening. Close by are some inebriated men and the adolescent daughter of one of them. The meal was relentless and lasted until, eaten under the full blaze of fluorescent lights so we could properly see the feast laid before us. The food came in mountainous quantities with interminable waits between courses; two fish courses followed by roast deer and bowlfuls of wild boar stew, the meal does not include vegetatables and ends with cheese, dessert (and a heart attack). At half time the old lady opposite has pulled up a couple of extra chairs, lain across them and is snoring, the drunk men are throwing food in each others drinks. The daughter is embarrassed by her father’s behaviour and I'm getting splattered in the crossfire, the two of us headed to another table - which just happened to be laden with frozen vodka sorbets.

Cat Update
I am being stalked from ground level now - still from a safe distance, they have realised that I am the source of multi-coloured fish-shaped biscuits.


  1. Such incredible surreal stories - the feast sounds like a Bosch painting(did i spell his name correctly?.
    Thanks for the note on the link to Kristina Havens site - it is changed in the post. it is
    Also, check out the Stampington & company website for better collage ideas than my examples.

  2. Yay on the rapproachement with the cats.

    Soon they will be sleeping on your bed. :-)

  3. You know the old saying, "you catch more feral cats with minced duck hearts than you do with multi-colored fish-shaped biscuits."

    I wonder what happened to the deer and boar hearts at this repas?

    Keep us posted.

  4. Deborah - Boschian - most definitely, Dante's Divine Comedy came to mind as well.
    when i have proper internets back i'll be visiting those links.

    Kelly - it is ridiculous how thrilled I am that the cats are even deigning to acknowledge me.

    KSV - i've eaten all the duck hearts, they are so good sauteed with garlic and thrown on a salad.

  5. Mmmmmm vodka sorbets sound great. Actually, so do the duck hearts. Your blog makes me hungry!

  6. lulu - those banquets do go on. Ours starts at about 12 noon and ends, well, whenever you decide to stagger home.

    PS - poor kitties and their half-tails. I'm hoping you are wrong and these are just short tails ... as they often are on kittens.

  7. eating duck hearts? You have gone native :)

  8. A lovely little package of silk tops from France arrived in my letterbox a couple of days ago.

    Thank you so much!

  9. prunella - those vodka sorbets saved my life

    Ernest - the short tails are a genetic thing - weird and sweet!

    FF - I'll try anything me.

    So glad the package arrived OK


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